How we develop our services with customer feedback

Every year, we receive plenty of feedback through different channels. We process all the feedback we receive and consider it when developing our services. Thank you for giving feedback! Here are some examples of the services we have recently improved on the basis of the feedback we have received.

Banking services

All e-invoices in one place in OP-mobile

In future, you can find all your e-invoices in one place in OP-mobile. In addition to your e-invoices, you can also view confirmed and unconfirmed e-invoices, credit notes and e-invoices with an amount of 0 euros. Your e-invoices are clearly displayed by year and payee, and you can monitor how much you pay in e-invoices each year.

A smoother user experience for viewing salary data in the service

The updated Personal customers' salary data application is now smoother than ever in its user experience and reliability.

You can now name loans in the service and OP-mobile

We've implemented a requested feature – you can now name loans in the service and OP-mobile. Give a name to your loan to easily identify it from any other loan you may have. You can edit the loan's name in the loan details.

Free-of-charge book-entry account for all customers aged under 26 and owner-customers

From now on, the saver's and investor's service packages linked to the book-entry account are free for all customers aged under 26. From now on, OP cooperative bank's owner-customers will get not only the saver's service package but also the investor's service package free of charge.  

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Equity savings account for a child

If your child is an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you can open an equity savings account free of charge and invest without monthly charges. You can also trade free of charge for the first 30 days.

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International equities and equity analyses in OP-mobile

You can now trade in international equities and track your investments’ performance in OP-mobile. International equity analyses are also easily available through OP-mobile.

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Insurance services

Changing the beneficiary of life insurance

You can change the beneficiary clause of your life insurance at any time while your life insurance policy is valid by notifying us in writing. The easiest way to notify us is by sending us a message via the service or OP-mobile.

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Verifying the identity of the beneficiary of life insurance

The service concerns customers who have been requested by OP Life Assurance Company to verify their identity as a beneficiary for the payment of life insurance compensation.

If you have received a letter from OP Life Assurance Company requesting you to verify your identity as a beneficiary, you can do so by logging in to the service with OP's or another service provider's user ID.

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