Ole mukana muutoksessa

Be part of change

Significance and meaning

Everyone has some kind of image about a bank. Many people have a nostalgic memory of a childhood piggy bank or Hippo skiing contests. Even then banks had significance.  Today, our significance arises not only from being a partner in our customers’ daily lives but also from our role in society and our heritage for the coming generations. Inspired by our history and core values, we are now building a new OP. This turning point is our opportunity to leave our mark in history yet to be written.

OP is a social actor

Job meaningfulness arises from our role as a social actor. At OP, your job is meaningful for yourself and for others. We offer our employees an opportunity to be part of a socially committed work community living its values, keeping itself up-to-date and viewing even crazy ideas as a possible stepping stone to innovations and new ways to help our customers with their everyday lives. Each workday means working for a better society.

OP promotes meaningful issues

The kind of society we live in matters. How a company sees its own role in it matters, too. If you think it is essential to promote shared success, equality as well as science and arts, OP stands by you.

OP plays a strong social role and we wish to influence issues people consider important. That’s what a cooperative is: a collective driving force. Join us to make a difference.


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