Customer experience surveys at OP Financial Group

We at OP Financial Group want to serve our customers as well as possible. We monitor our success through various customer surveys and queries on a regular basis. For example, after using our services, you may receive an NPS query from us in which we ask about your willingness to recommend us to your family and friends. The results of the NPS query give us information on how our customers’ experience develops in our various service channels.

We carry out these queries and surveys ourselves and through our partners. For this reason, not all invitations and links to surveys come directly from OP. Our partners normally send survey invitations by email or SMS. Part of the surveys are carried out as telephone interviews. Our customers may also be invited to an onsite interview for product and service development purposes.

We will process all customer query and survey responses and information confidentially. The results will be reported as summaries in which no individual answers or respondents can be identified. Feedback collected from customers after the use of services can be linked to customer information unless the responses were specifically stated as being anonymous. In some cases, we may contact the respondent and ask for additional information in order to further improve our customer service.

Any information and responses collected and results compiled are owned by data controllers of OP Financial Group. Our partners act as processors of the data for and on behalf of OP and don’t use the data for their own purposes.

If you don’t want to participate in OP Financial Group’s customer queries and surveys, you may give your refusal under My profile on OP-mobile or by logging into the service. You can also ask our customer service to register your refusal.