Frequently asked questions

OP-mobile data security – Is OP-mobile secure?

OP-mobile is a secure service channel to do banking and insurance transactions

  • Ensure that your phone's software is up to date
  • Do not install web applications if you do not know their origin
  • Do not remove the security restrictions on your phone knowingly (Jailbreaking and Rooting)
  • Sign out of the application when you stop using banking or insurance services

OP-mobile does not save information subject to bank secrecy to the mobile device during the session. The information transfers to OP-Financial Group's system as strongly encrypted data irrespective of the network connection.

If you suspect that your personal online user identifiers have fallen into the hands of an unauthorised party, deactivate them immediately by calling at 010 253 1333 (weekdays from 9 am until 6 pm, local network charge/mobile charge). Outside the telephone service hours, deactivate your user identifiers by calling the deactivation service, tel. +358 100 0555 (24/7).  Also report to the telephone service when it is open again.

Devices supported by OP-mobile – With what devices does OP-mobile work?

OP-mobile works with the following operating systems and versions:

  • minimum iOS 12.0
  • minimum Android 7.0

OP-mobile is designed mainly for phones. Use experience on tablets may vary depending on the tablet manufacturer. If you have problems with OP-mobile and a tablet, we recommend using OP-mobile with a phone. Another alternative is to go to your tablet’s browser and log into op.fi (in Finnish or Swedish).

More information on the prerequisites for using our online services can be found at: What do I need to use OP eServices?

Why isn’t OP-mobile working?

There are occasional disruptions on OP-mobile and in the op.fi service due to maintenance. For this reason, OP-mobile may be momentarily unavailable. These disruptions are always brief and temporary. For the latest information about disruptions and incidents, see the front page on OP-mobile and op.fi.

If you have problems in using OP-mobile or the app doesn’t work and there is no maintenance ongoing, check that your operating system version is up to date. The latest operating system requirements are listed here in frequently asked questions, under the title “Devices supported by OP-mobile – With what devices does OP-mobile work?”.

Barcode payment – How does it work?

You can pay bills with a barcode using the barcode features on OP-mobile. You can find it under "New Payment" button when you are paying your bill. By clicking the barcode icon, the camera starts up and you can point with it to the barcode in the bill, from which OP-mobile picks up the payment details. Check the details and enter the payee's name before you pay the bill.