How power cuts affect your banking services

Extensive power cuts will cause temporary disruption to banking services:

  • We will close our bank branches in the area affected by a power cut. 
  • Our customer service is available subject to limitations. 
  • The service numbers to cancel your card or disable your online bank user IDs continue to be available 24/7 in the Deactivation Service.  

Power cuts do not affect payments debited on the day in question. We will try to keep our self-service channels such as and OP-mobile available with backup arrangements. We encourage customers to follow OP's official emergency notices in the service and social media accounts.

Card payments will not necessarily work if the store or card payment transaction systems are out of service. If there is no electricity to the ATMs, cash withdrawals will not be possible. 

Your money is safest in your bank account

You should not keep large sums of cash at home due to security reasons. You cannot run errands such as shopping during a power cut. 

Your money is safest in your bank account as the funds are covered by a deposit guarantee. In addition to ATMs, you can withdraw cash at Kesko, Tokmanni and R-kioski locations. 

Our customer service may be busy during service interruptions, so we kindly ask our customers to remain calm and avoid unnecessary contact requests. We are notified about power cuts and cannot influence the length of the cut.

More information on how to prepare for power cuts

Be sure to read Pohjola Insurance’s instructions on how to prepare for power cuts and prevent damage caused by the cuts.