With E-salary, you can easily check your salary details through OP-mobile or the op.fi service. The details are stored in a paperless format.

E-salary is an electronic pay slip that you can access through online and mobile banking. The service is free of charge for the employee. OP provides access to the service but won't see the pay slip details.

To use E-salary, you'll need an OP user ID and access to OP's digital services. Using the service also requires that your employer has adopted the service through an agreement with the online payroll operator.

What are the benefits of E-salary?

When you get salary details through OP-mobile or the op.fi service, your pay slips

  • are always stored, easy to browse and available around the clock
  • are kept in an electronic archive for a duration defined by the online payroll operator, however, at least for 18 months from payday
  • can be printed if needed
  • can be saved to your own workstation or home computer.

How to find salary details on OP-mobile?

Log into OP-mobile and open Accounts and cards. At the bottom of the view, open Salary details. If 'Salary details' is as a favourite on the homepage, you can also access the service through it.

How to find salary details on the op.fi service?

Log into the op.fi service and go to Money. You can access salary details through accounts.

Log in and go to salary data