Growth Return Account

Flexible and safe reserve account for your personal finances

Growth Return Account is a great reserve account for your finances, suitable for saving for a holiday or for unexpected expenses. Open this type of account on OP eServices, right now if you wish.

  • Your savings are always available to you when you need them. You can withdraw money from this account free of charge four times a year.
  • You can make a single deposit or individual smaller deposits.
  • The interest rate of the account can rise as the deposited amount increases.
  • The maximum deposit into this account is 300,000 euros.

Funds in a Growth Return Account generate OP bonuses. Learn more under the section ‘Owner-customer benefits and OP bonuses through banking services’!

The interest rate of the Growth Return Account can rise as the deposited amount increases.

Step 1

Fixed at 0,000 %

€0 - 9 999,99 euros

Step 2

3-month Euribor less 0,90 percentage points

€10 000 - 49 999,99 euros

Step 3

3-month Euribor less 0,50 percentage points

€50 000 - 300 000,00 euros

The account has three steps: the first step has a fixed interest rate, while on the other two the interest rate is tied to the 3-month Euribor 360 so that the interest rate is 0,000 % at minimum and 6,000 % at maximum. The total deposit will earn interest at the rate determined by the step attained and according to the changes in the deposited amount and market interest rate. The interest is calculated on the daily balance. 

You can withdraw cash or transfer money to another account free of charge four times a year. The chargeable withdrawals are subject to a charge in accordance with our List of Service Charges and Fees valid from time to time.

The funds and the deposit interest fall within the scope of deposit insurance up to the amount prescribed by law. OP Financial Group banks are considered a single bank from the perspective of deposit insurance.

Take a look at the General terms and conditions for accounts.

OP cooperative bank owner-customers earn OP bonuses from:

  • Funds in savings accounts

  • Home loans, student loans and secured bank loans

  • Mutual funds and unit-linked insurance assets

  • Insurance premiums paid, such as home and motor vehicle insurance and continuous travel insurance

 OP bonuses are used for the bank’s service charges and insurance premiums.

The account is granted by the OP cooperative bank.