Authorisation for banking transactions

Do you need or does your friend or family member need help with daily banking transactions? With a power of attorney, you can authorise a trustworthy friend or family member to manage your banking transactions for you. You can give access right to your account also by sending us an online message.

What kind of an authorisation can you give?

On a general power of attorney, you can type your consent or authorisation yourself. The general power of attorney has to include a detailed description of which banking transactions the authorised person can manage.

f you need help with daily banking, you can give a trustworthy friend or family member access right to your account. This authorisation is enough for transactions such as paying regular bills.

If you give someone extensive access rights to your account, in other words the right to use the account in the service and at an OP bank branch, they can for example change a bill into a convenient e-invoice. The person who has received the access right can’t change the account’s usage limits or other settings.

In the service, you can also find a power of attorney that authorises a person to withdraw funds from your account. The authorisation applies to one withdrawal and/or one balance query.

The person who gives the authorisation should monitor its use by checking their account transactions regularly. If needed, they can also ask the bank for more details, such as how the payment of a certain bill has been handled.

How can you give an authorisation?

You can give access rights to your account with an electronic power of attorney or, if you have OP’s user IDs, by sending us an online message. The authorised person also needs to have OP’s user IDs to manage banking transactions online.

You can fill in a general power of attorney or a power of attorney for withdrawal of funds after logging into the service. To send us an online message, log in to OP-mobile or the service.

The general power of attorney or your online message should include:

  • number of the account to which the access rights will be added
  • name and personal ID code of the person to be authorised
  • scope of the access rights: authorisation to use the account at an OP bank branch alone or both at an OP bank branch and in the service.

The authorisation given with an online message or a power of attorney is valid until it is terminated. Powers of attorney are stored in the service for 30 years. On the Valtakirjat page (Powers of attorney), you can terminate a power of attorney or create a new one.

If you don’t have OP’s user IDs, contact our customer service for help with the authorisation.

Please note that the power of attorney should be done well in advance. It will take a few business days to process the form.