Services for smooth everyday life

Save time, effort and money by using our services for smooth everyday life. Make your everyday life easier by activating handy services on OP-mobile or the service.

Money Box

Use Money Box to save easily for your everyday dreams and life’s surprises. Save the amount of your choice when you pay with your debit card.


E-invoice makes your life easier. You will get an electronic invoice directly to OP-mobile and the service – securely and without the need to type in any invoice details.

Notifications on OP-mobile

Activate notifications on OP-mobile to avoid unwanted surprises. You can choose to receive notifications for payments from your account and card. You can also receive a notification when you get a new e-invoice or your account limit is exceeded.

E-invoice and Money Box are provided by OP cooperative banks.
The card added to Money Box is provided by OP Retail Customers plc.
OP-mobile is provided by OP Financial Group.