Ordering certificates of insurance

There are various situations in which you may need a certificate of insurance, such as when taking your vehicle abroad or applying for a visa. This article lists the most common situations where a certificate of insurance is needed and explains how you can order the certificate you need easily in the op.fi service.

When do you need a certificate of insurance?

There are various situations in which you may need a certificate of insurance, such as when taking your vehicle abroad or applying for a visa. The certificate of insurance also serves as proof of your insurance policy when you are using our partners' services. You can present your home insurance card to your lessor to prove that you have valid home insurance. 

Order certificates of insurance on OP-mobile or at op.fi

OP-mobile allows you to always have your insurance cards with you, and the application makes it easy to present your home insurance card to your lessor or your health insurance card to your healthcare service provider.

You can find insurance cards for travel, home, liability, legal expenses and health insurance on OP-mobile under Insurance > Cards.

You can print out a Green Card or visa certificate from the insurance information view at op.fi. Below, you can find more information about how to order these certificates in the op.fi service.

The Green Card certificate for valid motor liability insurance

When travelling abroad with a vehicle, you need a Green Card to certify that your vehicle has valid motor liability insurance. You can print out a Green Card on the op.fi service by selecting the motor liability insurance for the respective vehicle > Print a Green Card. You can print your own Green Card on white paper whenever you need one.

When travelling outside Finland, you must also have with you the technical section of the vehicle registration certificate. The certificate’s technical section can be ordered from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom’s online service and at vehicle inspection stations. If you are not the vehicle’s owner, you will also need a written authorisation from the owner or a vehicle export power of attorney from the finance company.

Please note that your motor vehicle insurance terms and conditions include special clauses that apply when travelling abroad. Your deductible is also higher abroad. The special clauses are described in detail in the motor vehicle insurance product description and the insurance terms and conditions.
When travelling outside Finland, be sure to also check that your travel insurance is valid.

Visa certificate – certificate of insurance for valid traveller's insurance

When applying for a visa, you will often need a certificate of valid traveller's insurance. The certificate is valid for the same period as your visa application.

You can print out the certificate of traveller's insurance on the op.fi service from the following path:

op.fi ‒ Insurance ‒ Select traveller's insurance ‒ Print a certificate of travel insurance for a visa

If you don’t have access to a printer, you can order the visa certificate by messaging us at op.fi or on OP-mobile. In your message, state the travel destination and the time period for which you need the visa certificate. The visa certificate will be mailed to you within about a week. 

If you are applying for a one-year visa to Russia, your traveller's insurance must be valid for at least 90 days. You can check the validity period from your traveller's insurance details. If you need to change the validity period, contact our customer service by message or phone at 0303 0303 (Mon–Fri 8-19).

Travel insurance card – certificate of insurance with you when travelling

If you have lost your travel insurance card, you can order a new card on the op.fi service by selecting Traveller’s insurance – Order a travel insurance card. The new travel insurance card will be mailed to you within about a week.  The card is also available in several languages on OP-mobile.

In most cases, you can depart on your trip without a travel insurance card and only need the policy code of your traveller's insurance. The policy code is available on the op.fi service and in the Extrasure policy document. An exception to this is when travelling to the United States, in which you will always need to take your travel insurance card or certificate along.

We recommend that you save the Pohjola Travel Emergency Service number +358 10 253 0011, which provides 24/7 assistance in the event of a loss. Be sure to also check out our Pohjola Claim Help service before departing on your trip. In Claim Help, you can find our partners at your travel destination and information on what to do in the event of an illness or injury while travelling.

Insurance cards – certificates of insurance everywhere you are on OP-mobile

When using OP-mobile, you can find insurance cards for home, liability, legal expenses and health insurance under Insurance > Cards. 
Home insurance card is available from the agreed start date of the insurance and acts as a certificate of valid home insurance. Alternatively, you can prove to lessors that your home insurance is valid with the electronic policy document, which is available in My archive at op.fi.