Give a slice of a Finnish OP cooperative bank as a present

An OP cooperative bank’s owner-customer membership is a valuable and unconventional gift that keeps on giving. It is a perfect present for birthdays, graduations and confirmations regardless of age.
You can simply give the required amount as a monetary gift which the recipient can then use for owner-customer membership of a local OP cooperative bank. We will hand you a gift voucher and you can withdraw some crisp banknotes to slip inside it.

An owner-customer owns a slice of the Finnish OP cooperative bank. An owner-customer membership includes numerous benefits and it also entitles you to contribute to the decision-making of your local OP cooperative bank and to take part in developing the bank and its services. The OP cooperative bank is active on a wide front, so active owner-customers are indirectly influencing the future of their local communities.

Ask for more information at your OP cooperative bank!