Uudet Hippo-hahmot Henri, Hanna ja Hille


Hippo Club

Do, experience and learn things in a fun way. Hippos make it easy to learn about new things, people, hobbies and skills.

The Hippo Club is a club run by OP cooperative banks for our kid customers free of charge. The goal of Hippo activities and events is to promote active family time and support smart everyday choices. 
As a Hippo Club member, the child will receive
  • a Hippo money box
  • the biannual Hippo magazine (members aged 3–8 years)
  • invitations to various OP bank events and competitions, such as the Hippo athletics games and cross-country skiing games.
If you want your child to become a Hippo Club member, please contact the nearest OP cooperative bank. Joining the club requires an account with an OP cooperative bank. The parents’ verbal consent is also needed.

The Hippo magazine encourages kids to take exercise, and do and experience things. It is posted to the 3–8-year-old club members’ home address twice a year, in June and December. 
This colourful magazine is packed with fun things to do, engaging reading and crafts. It invites kids to learn more about finances, inspires families to exercise and spend time together, and encourages trying out new things. The magazine includes heaps of puzzles of different difficulty levels


Hippo.fi sisältää lapsille sopivaa puuhaa kuten pelejä, tehtäviä ja iltasatuja. Se kokoaa myös yhteen tiedot ajankohtaisista Hippo-tapahtumista ympäri Suomen. Hippo.fi on paikka, jossa on kiva puuhata ja onnistua yhdessä myös koko perheen voimin!