Farm financing and buying a farm

Are you planning a smaller purchase or a major investment for your farm operation?

Are you planning a smaller purchase or a major investment for your farm operation?

We care about your financial success and that of your farm. We can provide advice to help you develop your farm operation.

We look at your finances as a whole. Carefully planned and timed investments and suitable financing for them play an important role in the future of your farm. A farm loan is suitable for many types of investments in a farm.

When you apply for a farm loan, we look at your farm operation as a whole - from risk management and insurance to cash management and savings. Apply for financing and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Buying a farm – Farm financing as an enabler

Farms are usually bought with farm financing that is practically a secured corporate loan. Buying a farm is real estate sales. It can also be land sales, forest sales or field sales. Whether you’re buying a farm, forest, field or land, the farm transfer is usually concluded in writing with a deed of sale signed by both the buyer and seller and verified by a registered notary. The farm transfer can also be made digitally in the Property Transaction Service of the National Land Survey of Finland, like other real estate sales.

Buying a land, forest or field farm and its price depend on many factors. The price of the farm is calculated based on the different parts of the farm and keeping the market conditions and location in mind. Many farm complexes include livestock, forest and fields, and their value is relatively simple to calculate. The buildings on the farm, which are often from different times and in different conditions, make it more challenging to assess the value of a farm. If you are planning on selling a farm, you should use the help of OP Koti’s experts to calculate the value.   

Farms and forest estates on sale

Generational transfer of a family farm

Incorporating a farm

Suitable financing options according to your need


Corporate account with credit facility

Corporate loan

Purpose of use

Suitable for a company’s daily cash management and minor capital needs

Suitable for long-term investments

Finance type

Revolving credit facility for companies

Term loan

Loan term

Flexible: repayments free up credit for new expenses

Loan term according to need, typically 3–12 years

Cost of credit

Euribor + customer margin + commission on limit, origination fee

Euribor + customer margin, origination fee