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Hiring an employee is a big step

When your work load becomes too heavy, hiring an employee will help. First you should, however, find out what your obligations are as an employer.

When you have so much work that you cannot do it alone, it is sensible to consider hiring an employee. What should you take into account before your recruit your first employee?

Hiring an employee is a big step and you should first carefully assess your need for labour. First assess your needs. Do you need an extra pair of hands during the coming peak season, external expertise from time to time or perhaps the continuous work contribution of a competent person in your daily routines?

An employee brings help but obligations, too

When you decide to recruit a new employee, you will get some much needed help in running your business but you will also be given responsibilities and important obligations. In addition to paying wages and complying with the relevant collective agreement, an employer also has to

  • take out employee pension insurance, take care of social security contributions and remit tax withheld at source
  • insure employees against occupational injuries and illnesses
  • provide occupational healthcare and occupational safety services.


You must also register in the employer register, the Tax Administration as well as pension and insurance companies.

Statutory and voluntary insurance policies

If you decide to become an employer, we can help you especially with statutory and voluntary insurance policies.

Statutory insurance will protect you and your employees against occupational injuries and illnesses, while statutory pension insurance will accrue earnings-related pension for you and your employees.

Our voluntary insurance policies are a good and cost-effective means to make your employees committed to your enterprise.

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Workers’ compensation insurance
Covers your employees in the event of accidents that happen at work or on the way to or from work as well as occupational diseases.
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Employee insurance
Learn more about insuring employees as well as your company’s mandatory employee insurance policies.