Currency Account

An account supporting your company's foreign trade

OP’s currency account is a non-euro payment account. The currency account is of use to your company engaged in foreign trade in a non-euro currency on a regular basis.

You can direct non-euro payments from abroad to the currency account and pay even large foreign currency amounts from it. You can open a currency account in any quoted currency.

You can track the balance and account transactions of your currency account in the same way as your company’s ordinary payment accounts. On the currency account, you can make account transfers using your own company’s financial management software with the company’s bank connection, on OP's mobile apps and OP’s online service. The company’s entire cash position can be easily managed through the digital OP Corporate Hub service.

Thanks to  OP’s digital foreign exchange trading tools, your company can use the currency of its choice and effectively hedge against exchange rate risks.

Since a Currency Account bears interest, it is also suitable for investing your company's temporary cash surplus.
Janne Partanen‚ Development Manager, OP