Electronic invoicing for your business – send and receive e-invoices

E-invoicing is an easy way to pay your company’s invoices and bill your customers.

Use OP Business mobile for reminder invoices and debt collection service

As user of OP’s e-invoicing service, on OP Business mobile you can send invoices to your customers, as well as a reminder message or a reminder invoice about an outstanding receivable. And, if it proves necessary, you can transfer at a low cost the unpaid invoice to debt collection with just a few taps. The debt collection service is provided by Intrum.

Download OP Business mobile and start using mobile banking in your company’s invoicing >

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Cost-effective, practical and secure

Reduces the workload needed to process invoices and bill customers, among other tasks. E-invoicing also saves on paper costs.

You can send e-invoices at op.fi, on OP Business mobile and with a banking connection channel

You can send and receive your company’s e-invoices at op.fi and on OP Business mobile. With a banking connection channel, you can integrate e-invoicing and payment of invoices with your company’s financial management software.  

Manage your company’s purchase invoices and billing online

You can send and receive e-invoices via the op.fi service and OP Business mobile. With a banking connection channel, you can pay bills as e-invoices and manage the e-invoicing of your customers in your company’s financial management software.

Using e-invoicing for your company’s purchase invoices and billing saves resources and time. E-invoicing also improves the efficiency of cash management thanks to faster payment of sales receivables. As OP’s corporate customer, you will also not need any separate invoicing software.

With OP Business mobile, you can send reminder invoices, recurring invoices and email invoices. You can also use at a low cost the invoice debt collection service available on OP Business mobile.

How to enable e-invoicing

To receive and send e-invoices, your business needs the following:

  1. Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions or an agreement for the banking connection channel for businesses and 
  2. E-invoicing service agreement. 

You can sign the agreements at your OP cooperative bank, after which you will receive an e-invoicing address that you can use to receive invoices. On the agreement, you can choose to include only the e-invoicing service or the ability to receive e-invoices, or both.

Quick guide on e-invoicing at op.fi (pdf) >

Detailed instructions in the e-invoicing service description (pdf) >

Changes to the E-invoicing Act – As OP’s customer, your e-invoices conform to the new format

The new Finnish E-invoicing Act changed the requirements for business-to-business sales. As of 1 April 2020, businesses and public entities have the right to receive, upon request, e-invoices that conform to the European standard (EN16931) from other companies.

The E-invoicing Act does not apply to businesses whose turnover is less than 10,000 euros and businesses that only trade with consumers. As an OP customer who initiates payments, you can use the op.fi online service to send and receive Finvoice 3.0 invoices that conform with the requirements.