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Sending invoices electronically

Simple and low-cost method for your company's invoicing

E-invoicing service is a secure, practical and cost-efficient method of sending invoices electronically to your corporate customers and to private customers who have made an e-invoice reception notification. Your company will also enhance its cash management as a result of faster repatriation of receivables.

Adopting our browser-based service is simple and easy without the need to buy any separate software. Integrating the service into your financial management software and banking systems is easy. Sent e-invoices are archived electronically, and you can also direct e-invoice copies, say, to your company's accounting firm.

Go to your own OP member cooperative bank to make an e-invoice service agreement and you will get an e-invoicing address.

E-invoicing service is a secure, practical and cost-effective method of sending invoices electronically.

Kirsi Intke‚ Product Manager, OP
  • Once you have made an e-invoicing service agreement for your company with your own OP bank, you can easily administer your company's product range and customer register on the service.
  • E-invoice is a cost-effective invoicing method: your company will save on the costs of printing, enveloping, posting and postages.
  • E-invoice is also easy for customers who receive invoices: the invoice goes directly to their own online bank or another electronic system. All invoicing data are completed and you do not have to enter them yourself, and recurring invoices can be confirmed automatically.
  • Thanks to the proposed e-invoice (or the e-invoice receiver proposal, RP message), the payee company sending the bill and the consumer receiving it can agree on using an e-invoice right away when making a contract. The proposed e-invoice feature generates major cost savings to companies sending a large volume of consumer bills, because they no longer need to send a new customer's first bill in a paper format. Companies can enable the opportunity to send proposed e-invoices through OP.
  • Then again, your company can utilise the e-invoicing service printing service that you can use to send invoice to customers who do not accept electronic invoices. The printing service delivers invoices to their recipients by post.

Adopting e-invoicing on OP eServices for small corporate and institutional customers is simple and does not require any investments in invoicing or bank connection software. On OP eServices for small corporate and institutional customers, you can create and send your company's invoices, track the status of your receivables and receive e-invoices from your company's creditors. You can also easily manage your company's product range and customer register.

This is how your company becomes a user of e-invoicing service:

  • Go to your own OP cooperative bank to conclude an agreement for OP eServices for small corporate and institutional customers and an e-invoice service agreement. You can choose between the sending or receipt of e-invoices, or both.
  • Make a Sending Notification on the website of the Federation of Finnish Financial Services. You can conveniently send a Sending Notification via OP eServices for small corporate and institutional customers and then your personal customers can order e-invoices from your company on his/her online bank.
  • Ask your corporate customers to provide you with e-invoice addresses and save them to customer data on OP eServices for small corporate and institutional customers.
  • Let your creditor know your company's e-invoice recipient address so that you will receive your purchase invoices as e-invoices.

You can create e-invoices to be sent to the bank in your company's invoicing system and send the invoice file using either OP's Kultalinkki or some other bank connection software in your company's use. Similarly, you can retrieve an incoming e-invoice file from the bank via your company's banking connection channel and enter it in the accounts payable ledger for processing and posting.

E-invoicing service enables the complete automation of your company's sales and purchase invoicing.

This is how your company becomes a user of e-invoicing service:

  • Check that your company's bank connection software is capable of sending and receiving e-invoices.

After the agreement has been activated:

  • Let your company's customers know your capabilities to send e-invoices and collect your corporate customers' e-invoice addresses by sending them letters.
  • After this consumers can order an e-invoice from your company through their online bank.
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