Through OP’s cash services, you can enhance the efficiency of your company’s cash handling

We help your company to get cash into the account as easily as possible.

Several options for depositing cash

Many customers still pay for their purchases in cash and cash handling should be as easy and safe as possible for merchants. OP’s cash services suit the needs of companies and associations of all sizes. Well-managed cash services add to the safety of cash handling and reduce fraud and time spent handling and settling cash. 

Our cash services include daily receipts settlements credited to a company’s account and change services, and to make them more efficient, we recommend direct transport to your company’s business location. Through the online service of OP’s partners cash services, you will notify of settlements and order in advance the change you need. Nokas and Loomis are the partners of OP’s cash services.

Direct transport agreement enhances your company’s cash service

A direct transport agreement that makes for an easier and safer cash service is the best option for cash handling. The direct transport service fits companies of all sizes. Daily receipts settlements are collected directly from your company’s outlet while change ordered in advance is delivered to your company. You can conclude a direct transport agreement directly with an OP cash services partner, Nokas or Loomis. 
Benefits of direct transport for your company: 

  • Flexibility: you can agree on the desired collection and delivery dates with our cash services partner
  • Time saved: the working hours of your employees are not wasted in collecting change or carrying daily receipts settlements
  • Security: our partner deliver cash directly to your business location and is responsible for the cash until you take delivery of it. This also reduces the risk of internal fraud.

Leave daily receipts settlements in the area’s night depository

You can leave your settlements in the night depository to be collected for counting. It may be an OP cooperative bank’s own night depository or our cash services partners’ safe deposit. 

Settlements are picked up from the night depository for counting and are after that credited to your company’s account. To start using cash services, you need to conclude a Cash Services Agreement with your own OP cooperative bank. The bank’s specialists will tell you where you can leave your settlements for pickup and from where you can pick up the change you have ordered. The prices of OP’s cash services are determined by the valid list of charges and fees.

You need deposit bags for settlements. You can fill in a settlement report form on paper or on our cash services partner’s online service. If you create a settlement report on our cash services partners online service, you don’t need to print the settlement form for the deposit bag.

You can acquire deposit bags and paper settlement forms, for example, from Loomis Suomi Oy or Nokas Finland Oy, OP’s cash services partners. Contact Loomis Suomi Oy or Nokas Finland Oy to get more information about how to acquire such materials.

Deposit cash easily at a deposit ATM

You can make your company’s cash deposits at a deposit ATM when it best suits you. You don’t need to prehandle cash and you’ll get the cash immediately into your account.

At TalletusOtto ATMs, you can deposit not only banknotes but also coins. At OttoPlus ATMs, you can deposit only banknotes. The maximum one-off deposit into your company’s account with OP-Visa Business Card amounts to 5,000 euros. Cash deposits at ATMs are subject to a service charge according to the list of service charges and fees.

You can find a total of over 350 deposit ATMs across Finland. The ATMs are owned by Automatia.

Order change conveniently for your company’s cash register on the online service of cash services

If your company uses the direct transport service, change will be delivered directly to your company’s outlets. Otherwise, your company should order the change using the online service of cash services of either Nokas or Loomis, depending on the region, in which case the packaged change will be delivered to the OP cooperative bank branch of your choice. The most cost-efficient way to obtain change is by making a pre-order on the online service. You’ll get a user ID for the online service after you have concluded a Cash Services Agreement.

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