Cash services for more efficient handling of cash

OP's cash services enable you to get cash into your company's account with ease.

Many customers still pay for their purchases in cash and in many cases retailers hope that handling cash would be as easy as possible. OP's efficient and safe cash services enable you to make cash handling easier and enhance reliability.

OP's cash services are a great tool to streamline and facilitate your company's cash handling. Well-managed cash services add to the safety of cash handling and reduce fraud and time spent handling and settling cash.

Cash services include daily receipts settlements and small change services for which we recommend direct transport service to make them more efficient.

Secure the best cash services solutions for your company!

Electronic payment services are the most cost-effective way to make your company's payments. Card acquiring service reduces cash handling, associated risks and also decrease the costs of cash services. Accepting card payments is always less costly than cash payments.

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A direct transport agreement that makes for an easier and safer cash service is the best option for cash handling. You can conclude a direct transport agreement with an OP cash services partner, Avarn or Loomis. This means that daily receipts settlements are collected directly from your outlet. At the same time, small change ordered in advance is delivered to your company.

Direct transport service is ideal for business of all sizes – from small kiosks to large department stores.

Benefits of direct transport to your company:

  • Flexibility: you can agree on the desired collection and delivery dates with our cash services partner
  • Time saved: the working hours of your employees are not wasted in collecting small change or carrying daily receipts settlements
  • Security: our partner delivers cash directly to your business location and is responsible for the cash until you take delivery of it. This also reduces the risk of internal fraud.

Daily receipts settlements bring sales proceeds in euros to your company's account. Direct transport service is the fastest and easiest way to do so. If you do not use our direct transport service, you can also easily perform the settlements  using TalletusOtto ATMs in which case your company does not need to prehandle cash and the settled amount is immediately shown in the account. You can also lodge your settlements in a night safe which can be a night safe of our cash services partner, the jointly used by banks and an OP cooperative bank night safe.

Tip: Settle banknotes and coins separately because it is more inexpensive. It is advisable to leave coins as small change and settle them later when their amount is larger.

If your company uses the direct transport service, small change will be delivered directly to your outlets. Otherwise, you company must order the change using the online service of either Avarn or Loomis, depending on the region,  in which case the packaged change will be delivered to the OP cooperative bank branch of your choice. The most cost-efficient way to obtain small change is by making a pre-order on OP eServices.

Your company may use all basic cash services free of charge through the online services of our partners. For example, you may order small change, make daily receipts settlement reports, check the cash transactions of your company and create reports online.