OP Business Debit

Pay your company's purchases easily from a corporate account linked directly to the card. This card serves as a payment, settlement or ATM card. It can be used in Finland and abroad.


  • Easy monitoring of costs

    Monitor all purchases, cash withdrawals and deposits conveniently from the bank statement. You can set its delivery dates yourself. If your company has an OP Corporate User ID Agreement, you can also view card transactions by logging into

  • Many cards – customised access rights

    You can link several cards to the same account. Each card’s access rights, allowed methods of use and transaction limits can be customised for your employees. For example, a certain card can be authorised to be used only at a deposit ATM for making settlements.

  • Fast and flexible cash handling

    With this card, you can make daily receipts settlement at a deposit ATM any time of the day. Deposits made at an ATM will be instantly credited to your account 


The card costs 3.5 euros per month.

Payments and cash withdrawals

  • Debit feature: Purchases and cash withdrawals are directly debited from the account linked to the card.
  • Pay in Finland and abroad.
  • Withdraw cash from Otto ATMs in Finland and Visa ATMs abroad.
  • Add your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay easily with a smart device wherever you are.


  • Pay securely with the card also online by using the Visa Secure service.
  • Transaction limits can be customised for each card.

How to acquire OP Business Debit

  • If you have an OP user ID, you can change the self-selected PIN for your new OP Business Debit card on the service if you like. To view and edit your card's details, go to Omat kortit (My cards) and select the card you want to edit, then go to Asetukset ja tiedot (Settings and details). 
  • You will get a message to OP's digital services when your card is about to be renewed. You can make the changes, free of charge, within two weeks from the date of the message. After that, these changes will be subject to a charge specified in the list of service charges and fees. 
  • It is advisable to set spending and withdrawal limits for your OP Business Debit-card in case of loss of the card or fraud.
  • You can set such daily limits for withdrawals, card purchases requiring pre-authorisation hold and online payments and other distance purchases.
  • You can set and change the limits in OP customer service or at an OP member cooperative bank.
  • New limits take effect immediately.
  • We recommend that you change these limits whenever you need.
  • You can't edit spending and withdrawal limits in OP's digital services.

Visa Secure is a service that enhances online payment security. Both the seller and the buyer are reliably identified on the service. To see whether an online store uses this service, look for the Visa Secure logo. 

When paying online through Visa Secure, you will confirm your purchase via secure internet connection with Mobile key on OP-mobile or with the key code list. When you confirm your purchase with the key code list, we will send you an SMS for further confirmation to the phone number linked to your user ID. Identification requires that the cardholder has given their valid mobile phone number to OP.

If you don't have OP's user ID, you can confirm card payments you make online with Mobile key. You can start using Mobile key for confirming card payments online by logging into OP-mobile with another bank's user identifiers. This service will not cause you any extra costs. 

Additional information:  

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Enable mobile payments Apple Pay and Google Pay

You can link your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay. These payment apps let you make online and in-app payments with just your smartphone. You don’t need your card or card details at the time of payment. With Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can also make contactless payments over 50 euros.

When adding OP Business Debit -card, you need to use your OP's personal customer’s credentials. To add the card, go to OP-mobile. Alternatively, go to Apple Wallet/Google Wallet and then confirm addition on OP-mobile.

Note that usage cannot be enabled with your OP Corporate User ID. If your card has been granted only for making deposits and not for making payments, you are not able to use Apple Pay/Google Pay with it.

By opening a corporate account with credit facility your company will gain working capital, which it can use according to need up to the agreed maximum amount, i.e credit limit.

Choose the best alternative for your company's banking and insurance business and monitoring. The choice of the most suitable channel depends on the systems your company uses, the nature of its operations as well as its invoicing volumes and the like.

Has the card used by your company got lost? Contact our deactivation service as soon as possible.


The card is granted by OP Retail Customers Plc.