Nainen on kahvilassa. Pöydälle on kahvikuppi ja sanomalehti.

The strike of the Finnish Post and Logistics Union (PAU) will affect mail delivery throughout Finland between 11 and 24 November

OP’s mailings may also be delayed due to PAU’s strike. Payment and credit cards, PIN code letters, bank giro envelopes, loan documents, insurance documents and claim settlement decisions will not be delivered by mail during the strike. 

Please also note that letters sent to us by our customers, such as payment envelopes, may be delayed due to the strike. We do not recommend that you leave payment envelopes to be delivered by Posti during the strike. If you wish to pay with a payment envelope, you should take the envelope to an OP bank branch.

Key code lists may arrive with some delay

We will automatically mail you a new key code list when you have 20 key codes left on your current list. Even if the strike affects the mailing of key code lists, the key codes will not run out in normal use before your new key code list arrives after the strike.

Did you know that if you enable OP-mobile, you can manage your banking and insurance transactions without a key code list? On OP-mobile, you can log in and confirm payments and transactions with the Mobile key. 

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Cards will arrive with some delay

The strike causes delays in the arrival of new and replacement cards. In terms of cards, we recommend that you keep using your current card. If you have no card in your use at the moment, you can withdraw cash at a bank branch. 

Repayment of card credit, Flexible Consumer Credit and Special Consumer Credit

Please note that although bills may arrive with delay, you still need to repay your credit as agreed. You can find the credit billing details on the previous bill and on  

Impact of PAU’s strike on currency orders

During the strike, we recommend that you order travel currency to be picked up directly at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The strike does not affect orders that will be picked up at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. If the strike concerning Posti’s delivery, processing and transport functions materialises, we cannot guarantee that the deliveries will arrive at a post office or at an OP bank branch by the pick-up date. Currency orders made to be picked up at a post office or an OP bank branch may be delayed, also after the strike has ended.

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E-invoice and direct payment ensure bill payment in exceptional situations too

PAU’s strike will affect the delivery of paper bills, too. E-invoices, on the other hand, will arrive on time on OP-mobile or, where they can be confirmed in good time before the due date. You can order e-invoices on and OP-mobile.

Bills are likewise sent electronically in the direct payment service, and they are paid from your account automatically on the due date. You can make a direct payment order to a payee in your OP cooperative bank or by calling our telephone service. The new e-invoice order and direct payment order will be transmitted to your payee. After your order, the payee will send the next bill as an e-invoice or a direct payment. If you suspect that a payee has already sent you a paper bill, and you are not sure if the bill is going to arrive by mail before the due date, contact the payee.

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For the latest information on mail delivery, visit Posti’s website:

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