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Pay for purchases and withdraw cash abroad conveniently with a card

Did you know that a credit card is more convenient and safer than cash for paying for purchases abroad? You also won’t need to exchange foreign currency in advance. When necessary, you can simply withdraw cash with your card at an ATM in your destination country – at a lower cost.

Carry cards when travelling abroad

The safest way to pay for purchases abroad is to use OP’s payment cards instead of cash. It’s advisable to take two payment cards with you when you travel. Keep one with you and the other in, say, your hotel’s safe deposit box. Having two payment cards will provide protection if your primary payment card is damaged or gets lost. 

Take care of your card and report a lost card immediately 

Please handle your payment cards with care. If your card gets lost, report it immediately to the card deactivation service. Doing so will ensure you a carefree holiday as the responsibility for possible misuse will transfer to the bank immediately after reporting a card lost.  
Save the number of OP Deactivation Service +358 100 0555 on your mobile phone. You can cancel a payment card abroad 24/7. 

Paying with a card is more inexpensive 

If you pay for your purchases by a card abroad, the exchange rates are lower compared to exchanging cash into foreign currency in advance. If you still want to reserve some cash for your trip before departure, only exchange a small amount. If necessary, you can withdraw more cash at an ATM or a foreign exchange outlet in your destination country. 

Huolehdi kortistasi ja ilmoita katoamisesta heti 

Käsittelethän maksukorttejasi aina huolellisesti. Jos korttisi katoaa, ilmoita siitä välittömästi korttien sulkupalveluun. Näin varmistat huolettoman loman, koska vastuu mahdollisista väärinkäytöksistä siirtyy heti ilmoituksen jälkeen pankille.  
Tallenna OP Sulkupalvelun numero puhelimeesi muodossa +358 100 0555. Maksukortin sulkeminen ulkomailla onnistuu vuorokauden ympäri. 

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