Nuoret istuvat.



Supporting local vitality and communities has been a key part of OP Financial Group’s mission and responsibility since the foundation of the first cooperative credit societies. We have been an active part of Finnish communities at both local and national level for over 120 years.

Diversity & equality at OP

OP promotes equal opportunity and diversity by regularly surveying our employees and job applicants and annually monitoring the distribution of personnel in various task groups e.g., gender, pay, and age. OP has a zero-tolerance for discrimination. Gender Equality and Equity Plans are made in all cooperative banks with over 30 regular employees. Read more about diversity and equality at OP here and in our annual report in the sustainability section.
OP aims at at least 40% representation of each gender in executive positions by 2025. 


OP offers its staff possibilities to educate themselves. For example, OP follows the 70:20:10 principle, giving its employees the option to use 10 % of working hours on personal development. OP Financial Group provides an extensive range of coaching opportunities, to ensure that insurance, finance, and investment employees meet regulatory competence requirements. OP provides different e-learning entities on topics such as ESG in finance and data protection. OP also provides its employees with a mentorship program that supports individuals' possibilities to advance their careers at OP. Read more about OP's employee development in our annual report.

Employees' rights

OP Financial Group respects its employee’s unionising rights and all our employees have Freedom of Association and over 90% are part of collective agreements. Find more about employees' rights here.


Remuneration within OP Financial Group

In its remuneration, OP Financial Group complies with provisions based on EU and national laws and guidelines issued by the European Central Bank, the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority and other regulators. The Group’s remuneration policies are based on laws, provisions, and recommendations applicable to the financial sector and on the Finnish Corporate Governance Code. Read more about remuneration at OP here.

Responsible actor

OP is broadly interacting with all its stakeholders such as local communities, our owner-customers, and our procurement partners. Read about our stakeholder engagement here.

We acknowledge we have a large responsibility beyond our own operations. Our contract suppliers are required to follow our CSR requirements for suppliers.