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Asuntolainan luottotakauksen vuosimaksu - luottotakauksen vuosimaksut on peritty 16.3.2021

Jos sinulla on asuntolainan vakuutena OP:n myöntämä luottotakaus, peritään siitä kerran vuodessa vuosimaksu. Vuoden 2021 vuosimaksu on veloitettu 16.3. Tilitapahtumissasi se näkyy maksuna viestillä luottotakausmaksu 1.1.2021-31.12.2021. Maksuun on automaattisesti käytetty OP-bonuksia, mikäli niitä on ollut käytettävissä. Ilmoitimme veloituksesta helmikuussa palvelumaksujen ennakkoilmoituksella ja tiliotteella. 

How can I apply for a home loan?

Always start by filling in a home loan application online. For more detailed instructions on how to apply for a home loan, see the link below. Note that to apply for a home loan, you need user identifiers for an online bank. Please contact our customer service if you don’t have online bank user identifiers with any bank.

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Change of a debit account – How can I change the account to which my loan repayments are debited?

You can change the loan management account by sending us an online message. If the loan has several borrowers, every borrower must send an online message with similar content on the change of the loan management account. Please state in your online message that it is the question of a change of the loan management account. Include in your message the loan number and the number of the account to which subsequent loan repayments will be debited.

Changing the due date and the loan's monthly repayment – How can I change my loan's repayment plan?

You can change the due date or the loan repayment instalment, i.e. the repayment amount at

  • Secured loans, such as home loans, study loans and bank loans: log in and apply for the change.
  • Unsecured loans, such as Flexible Consumer Credit and Special Consumer Credit: A customer that has logged in can make the changes without an application.

See here for more detailed instructions for making a change in the repayment plan >


Good to know about changing the due date and the repayment instalment:

  • With one application, you can apply for a change in several loans. The changes that you can apply for are repayment holiday, a decrease or increase in the repayment instalment amount and a change in the due date.
  • State in the application the loan or loans you’re wanting to change, the change you’re applying for, your income and expenses and the reason for applying for the change.
  • If the loan has several borrowers, the application that you filed will be checked and approved by the other borrower/borrowers via their OP eServices. The bank will process the application when all the borrowers have approved the application. The change is subject to a service charge specified in our list of service charges and fees. See our list of service charges and fees before sending your application.

Repayment holiday – How can I take a repayment holiday on my loan?

A repayment holiday means a period during which only interest is paid on the loan. It enables you to balance your personal finances in a flexible way.

You can take a repayment holiday on your home, student and bank loans.

Do the following:

  • Log into OP eServices
  • Select "Lyhennysvapaa ja muut muutokset" (Repayment holiday and other changes) from the left-hand side menu on the "Lainat" (Loans) page.

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Deferment month - Flexible Consumer Credit and Special Consumer Credit

You can get one deferment month per year for Flexible Consumer Credit and Special Consumer Credit. During this month, you will not make a repayment or pay interest. The deferment month is free of charge. The deferment period is the same calendar month every year. You can’t apply for a longer repayment holiday for these loans.

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