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Transactions feed

Account transactions in a single place with ease.

The Transactions feed on OP eServices is a free-of-charge service for viewing and tracking account transactions, payments and e-invoices. Getting a grip on spending and planning one's personal finances has never before been so easy.

  • You can easily find your account transactions, payments and e-invoices in a single view and viewing transactions goes smoothly by browsing the Transactions feed.
  • Payments and e-invoice requiring action can be seen with an orange highlight in the Transactions feed.
  • It is just so easy to plan one's personal money spending because payments and e-invoices can be seen in the Transactions feed beforehand.
  • You can view account transactions for a longer period, free of charge.

If you use the Transactions Feed in your daily banking, the management of your personal finances will become easier and you will be up to date with your expenses. The Transactions Feed now also includes a search function that you can use to conveniently search for your account transactions. We are also continuously developing the Transactions Feed to make it easier for you to monitor your spending.

You will become user of the Transactions feed automatically when you log into OP eServices. The Transactions feed can be found under the Accounts section.

You can use the Transactions feed with the device of your choice because it is adaptable to the smartphone, tablet and PC.

Why has Transactions Feed replaced Account transactions?

Transactions Feed contains more extensive information than Account transactions. It allows you to keep up to date on your income and expenses. We’re also continuously developing Transactions Feed to make it easier for you to monitor your spending.

When was Account transactions removed from

Account transactions was removed on 11 June 2019. Transactions Feed is now the page that shows account transactions at

How can I find the most important functions in Transactions Feed?

You will find the most important functions in the top corner of Transactions Feed, under Show menu. Through the menu you can, for example, browse and print bank statements.

Where can I get help with Transactions Feed?

We advice you on Transactions Feed in all our channels: By chat, by phone, by online message or at a bank branch.