Become a customer of a Finnish bank

Thinking about becoming an OP customer, or changing banks? It’s easy — read more about why it’s worth banking with us and apply online.

Why become an OP customer?

Access to all services from a single provider

  • Daily banking services, financing, real estate agency services, insurance and investment services.

Owner-customer benefits

  • Substantial discounts on bank and insurance services; only owner-customers get OP bonuses. These benefits are yours as soon as you become an owner-customer.
  • Almost 2 million owner-customers a year get our benefits and discounts on banking and insurance services. OP cooperative banks pay around 250 million euros in bonuses to owner-customers each year.

Benefiting communities nearby and across Finland

  • We nurture local vitality and community spirit by providing jobs, recreational exercise, security and wellbeing. We support cultural activities, education and self-development. 
  • We foster a sustainable economy by supporting sustainable development and helping society to slow and adapt to climate change.
  • We improve financial literacy by promoting personal financial management and prosperity in all age groups.

Become an OP customer easily online

  • Click on ‘Become our customer’ for further information and to apply. To fill in the application, all you need is another bank’s credentials.
  • Want to switch banks online? You must become an OP customer before switching from your old bank to our services. To do this, click on ‘Become our customer’ and fill in the application.
  • If you are comparing loans between providers, start by completing an online loan application.

Our switching service for payment accounts provides you with support in measures related to switching an account to OP.