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How to file a complaint related to your payment card

If your card is lost or stolen, it gets stuck in an ATM abroad or your card has transactions you don’t recognise, you need to deactivate your card immediately – call OP Deactivation Service at 0100 0555 (24/7).

File a complaint (a correction request) promptly to OP Card Company Plc, if

  • you find that your bank statement or credit card bill has card transactions unknown to you
  • the seller has gone bankrupt.

If the case you are complaining about applies to the seller's breach of contract, first try to settle the case with the seller and, if needed, submit a correction request to OP Card Company. Examples of breaches of contract:

  • the transaction has been debited twice
  • you have not received the products or service you have paid for
  • the product or service does not comply with the contract.

If you paid for the goods or services in question with your card’s credit facility, under the Consumer Protection Act and the terms and conditions for card-based credit you may also present your claim on the payment based on the seller’s breach of contract  to OP Card Company Plc. However, please note that you need to prove that the seller’s breach of contract has taken place. For this reason, you must usually first try to settle the case with the seller. 

Please note that car rentals have the right to charge for unpaid refuelling, road tolls and fines afterwards. Hotels also have the right to charge a no-show fee for an unused or non-cancelled booking in accordance with the terms and conditions of the booking as well as unpaid minibar purchases afterwards.

Your correction request must include detailed information about the incident. If all requested information and attachments have not been delivered, the processing of the correction request may be delayed or prevented.

How to make a correction request:

1. Check that you have all required information for filling in the correction request:
I recognise the transaction but it is incorrect: 
  • transaction details (time, amount and payee’s name)
  • correspondence between the seller and yourself, if any
  • terms and conditions of the order or contract
  • order confirmation and/or receipt
  • any other material to verify your right to complain
I don’t recognise the transaction
  • transaction details (time, amount and payee’s name)
  • copy of filed report of an offence
2. Fill in the correction request with care and list all transactions included in the complaint. You’ll find the form on this page.
3. You can add attachments to the correction request, such as a copy of your bank statement or credit card bill where you have marked the transactions that are included in your complaint.
4. If your complaint relates to card transactions you have not done yourself, cancel your card immediately by calling OP Deactivation Service at 0100 0555 (24/7). Also file a request for investigation with the police and append a copy of it to the correction request.
The easiest way to file a correction request for all OP cards is to fill in the correction request form online.
You can also send the form by mail to the following address.
OP Customer Service
Tunnus: 5021582
You can send additional information or attachments to a previously filed complaint by using the link provided above (correction request form) or send them by mail to the abovementioned address.
If necessary, you will get support to file a complaint related to your payment card or to your bill from OP Cards customer service, tel. 0100 0500. Here you can find the service hours.