Three good reasons for obtaining two cards from your own bank

When you have two cards, your daily life runs smoothly and you can keep your finances better under control. Read more why it’s sensible to obtain two cards from the same bank.

1. Monitoring of daily finances is easy when you have two cards from the same bank

When you have two cards from your own bank, you can conveniently check payment transactions on OP-mobile or at You’re always up to date on your finances and your card use.

For example, you can choose to debit recurring subscriptions, such as Netflix and Spotify, as well as online purchases from one card and daily food purchases from the other card.

In the same way, you can divide your own expenses and your family’s shared expenses between two cards. This way you’ll have a better understanding of your spending and can see right away if there are extra transactions on your card.


2. Second card can save you in unexpected situations

It’s useful to have a second card in your wallet for unexpected situations. If the card you normally use doesn’t work at a shop or it gets lost or stolen, a second card will be of a great help.

It’s also sensible to have two cards with you when you travel. For example, you often need a credit card for booking a hotel room or renting a car. Many hotels and car rentals book a preauthorisation on a credit card for the duration of the visit or rental, which means that the available credit will be smaller for that period. So, it’s useful to have two cards for travel expenses and at least one of them should be a credit card.


3. Pay online purchases most safely with a credit card

It’s sensible to make your online purchases from one credit card. It’s much easier to monitor your online purchases when the transactions are not mixed with your other daily purchases. You can also keep track on returns more easily.

If the product you have ordered has a defect or is lost in transport, you can receive compensation from the credit card company. You can receive compensation also if the online store goes bankrupt.

Mastercard is a great choice besides Visa

We recommend that you complement your OP-Visa with OP-Mastercard, which is a safe international credit card. With OP-Mastercard you will always pay on credit, even with contactless payment, and as an owner-customer your purchases are covered by Product Protection Insurance for six months. Together, Visa and Mastercard cover the whole world.

If you have one of the cards in the OP-Visa product family as part of an owner-customer’s daily banking services, you will get OP-Mastercard for €2.00 per month.

Read more about OP-Mastercard and apply for a card

The cards are granted by OP Retail Customers Plc.

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