Two cards for smooth daily life

OP Duo is the ideal companion for a Visa card issued by OP.
As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get OP Duo at a special low price.

  • Two cards for daily peace of mind

    If one card is suddenly lost or breaks, the other will save the day.

  • Keep better track of your spending

    Pay for daily shopping with one card and use the other for online buys and streaming services. This will give you a clearer picture of how you spend your money.

  • Keep track of your money matters the easy way

    By having both cards with your own bank, you can easily view all transactions in OP-mobile and the service.

  • Gain even more daily benefits with a second card

    OP Visa cards bring lots of benefits, but a second card can be much more than just a spare. With the OP Duo card, Best Price Protection provides extra protection for you and your purchases, while Identity Theft Protection does just what it says.


A second card brings
the very best services

OP-Mastercard, a credit card including Best Price Protection, Identity Theft Protection and Product Protection Insurance for one year.

Just 2 euros per month for OP cooperative bank owner-customers.

OP Duo: prices Price
As part of the owner-customer’s daily services package*, if you already have an OP Visa card (OP Debit, OP Classic or OP Gold) €2 per month
Part of the daily services package for Owner Plus customers, if you already have an OP Gold card €0 per month
Without the daily services package or an OP Visa card €4 per month

*Daily banking services package includes a current account with an online bank statement, OP's digital services and payment card. As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you’ll get services at a lower monthly cost. For owner-customers, the service charges are primarily debited from OP bonuses.

Interest and charges  
Interest if the bill includes interest-bearing credit 3-month Euribor + 8.95%
Monthly account service charge if the bill includes interest-bearing credit €3.50 per month
Paper invoice surcharge if paper invoices are selected instead of e-invoices €3 per invoice

The effective interest rate calculated for used credit of 2,000 euros is 18,28% (October/2022) if the customer has no daily services package. This calculation is based on the assumption that the card’s monthly charge is 4.00 euros and the monthly account service charge is 3.50 euros, a free e-invoice is in use, the credit interest rate, fees and charges remain constant throughout the credit period, and that the credit is repaid in 12 identical monthly instalments. The estimated total amount payable would be 2,180.11 euros.

The card is issued by OP Retail Customers plc. Best Price Protection is issued by the insurance company Inter Partner Assistance SA/AXA. Identity Theft Protection is issued by Tenerity AB. Product Protection Insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.