How do e-invoices work?

Once you have switched from paper invoices to e-invoices you no longer need to worry about whether you will get your invoice in time or whether the payment details are correct. Learn how e-invoices work, where you can find your invoices, and everything else you should know.

How to edit e-invoice orders

You can view, confirm and edit incoming e-invoices by using OP’s electronic channels. After logging into the service, you can find all e-invoice functions from the navigation menu under Näytä lisää (Show more) -> E-lasku (e-invoice). You can access a list of e-invoices you have ordered and conveniently edit them in E-laskujen hallinta (e-invoice management). You can change the debit account from which invoices sent by a specific payee are paid and set automatic payments. Read more about editing an individual e-invoice in the article below.

​How will I be notified of incoming e-invoices? 

Receiving e-invoices is free of charge, and you can order a notification of an incoming e-invoice to be sent to your mobile phone or email. An SMS notification is subject to a service charge based on the list of service charges and fees. The email notification is free of charge.    

How can I edit incoming e-invoices? 

You can access incoming e-invoices by logging into the service or OP-mobile. A more detailed invoice itemisation is available as a PDF file attached to the e-invoice if the payee offers this service. 

You can find your incoming e-invoices in the service under E-laskuarkisto (e-invoice archive). Depending on whether or not an e-invoice is paid automatically on the due date, you can also find the upcoming payment under either Hyväksytyt (confirmed) or Hyväksymättömät (unconfirmed) payments. You can view, edit or delete your e-invoice payments before the due date. Instructions for editing e-invoice payments are available by clicking the Info icon.  

In OP-mobile, incoming e-invoices can be found under Payments, where they are categorised under Unconfirmed or Confirmed payments, depending on whether you have set automatic payment for them. You can edit an incoming e-invoice by clicking on the payment that you wish to edit. You can view previously paid e-invoices under the E-invoices section of OP-mobile.

Order e-invoices in advance 

There is often no need to wait for a paper invoice because you can order e-invoices in advance by providing the payee with the requested payment identifier. The identifier enables the payee to match you and your e-invoice order. You can search for a payee by the payee's name, business ID or account number. 

In OP-mobile, you can order e-invoices under Payments – E-invoices – Order and manage e-invoices.

Choose when to pay your e-invoices 

You can receive and pay your invoices anywhere and anytime. Once you have set automatic payment for an e-invoice you no longer need to separately approve invoices before the due date. The payment will be made automatically on the due date. You can still edit the payment details of incoming e-invoices before the due date as normal. Automatic payments can be activated for e-invoice orders from e-invoice management. 

You can also choose to confirm incoming e-invoices separately before the due date. Incoming unconfirmed e-invoices can be found under Hyväksymättömät maksut (Unconfirmed payments). You can edit the payment details of incoming e-invoices before the due date as normal. 

You can also easily move the e-invoice payment date set by the payee backwards or forwards. Please note that the payee may charge you for late payment if an e-invoice is not paid by the original due date.