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Choose your preferred way of paying bills

It pays to take a look at the payment methods for bills – e-invoices the simplest option.

E-invoice is the simplest payment method

There are several different ways to pay bills. In most cases, the simplest option is to subscribe to e-invoices, which sends the payment details directly to your service. All you have to do is approve the payment, without needing to input account and reference numbers. This also ensures that the bill’s payment details are entered correctly. Until the due date, you can still edit the payment’s due date, payment account and amount. You can also choose to approve payments automatically, which saves you the hassle of remembering to pay your bills.

Pay anywhere, anytime with OP-mobile

If you have a smartphone or tablet computer, you can download the OP-mobile app. You can pay bills with OP-mobile by using the camera in your mobile device to read the bill's barcode. You will then receive a filled-in form and all you need to do is check and accept the payment. OP-mobile is OP's mobile app and can be downloaded from the app store. OP-mobile is handy to use alongside the service.

With direct payment, your bills will be paid automatically without the need for online access

If you do not have access to online banking, direct payment is the easiest and safest way to pay bills. The payee will mail you a notification of the payments scheduled to be debited from your account on the due date. The payee's website should tell you if they accept direct payments. If the payee accepts e-invoices, direct payments will usually also be possible. You can start using direct payments at your own local bank branch or by contacting OP's customer service. The direct payment authorisation will apply to the next bill.

Payment envelopes are another payment method

If direct payment is not possible and you don't have online banking credentials, you can use payment envelopes to pay bills. You can visit your OP cooperative bank branch to collect payment envelopes and bank transfer forms for yourself or another person, if this person has an account with an OP cooperative bank, or you can order them by calling OP customer service. Instructions on how to use this payment method are printed on the envelope. The general idea is that you can drop your bills in a payment envelope into the postbox, and OP will take care of paying the bill for you. This service is subject to a charge specified in the list of service charges and fees.

Are you paying the bills of your loved one?

You can pay your loved one’s bills in the same way that you pay your own bills. For example, you can order your loved one’s bills as e-invoices to your online bank, if you have access rights to his/her account. The account holder can grant access rights to a loved one by logging into or visiting a bank branch.

Would OP Account SMS suit your loved one? The service sends an SMS to a phone whenever money is either taken from or paid into an account. Account SMS gives peace of mind and a sense of control over own bank account and finances.

Are you handling the bills of a deceased person’s estate?

Pay bills easily on OP-mobile

You can pay bills easily on OP-mobile. Just log in and tap New payment.