Administering a death estate

After the death of a loved one, amidst grief and goodbyes, the deceased’s next of kin must take care of practical arrangements as well as banking affairs. As the estate’s administrator, you are free to first focus on funeral arrangements. We offer our condolences and are at your assistance in banking and insurance matters.

Administering the death estate

Where can I obtain an extract from the population register and power of attorney for the bank? After the death of a loved one, banking affairs can often be confusing. Remember to take one step at a time.

In most cases, we receive word of our customer’s death directly from the Population Information System. We will send our letter of condolences to the estate’s address a few weeks after the death. The letter contains further information about the deceased person’s customer relationship with us and you may start managing banking on behalf of a death estate.

  • Read the instructions (Before the estate inventory, Execution of estate inventory, After the estate inventory) and the checklist for the administrator of a death estate. You can find the power of attorney in the section After the estate inventory.
  • Send documents and bills online.

1. Before the estate inventory

Extract from the population register of the deceased, bills and debts, preparing the estate inventory.

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2. Estate inventory

Writing the estate inventory deed, attachments, delivery and review of estate inventory deed.

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3. After the estate inventory

Power of attorney, distribution of marital assets and the estate, termination of services.

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Send documents and bills easily online

Send us the extract from the population register, estate inventory deed and attachments and power of attorney easily at You can submit bills for payment before the estate inventory.