International payments

Are you planning to make a payment abroad? Through your mobile or online bank, you can make payments anywhere in the world, quickly, securely and wit lost cost.

On OP-mobile and the service, you can make payments abroad in euros or other currencies in the same way as making domestic payments – by using the New payment function. International payments come in two types: cross-border SEPA credit transfers and international payments. SEPA credit transfers mean a euro payment made within the single euro payments area to another country. All other payments abroad are international payments.

When you type in a foreign account number as the payee’s account number, the service identifies the payment as an international payment. There is no service charge for euro payments to SEPA countries. 

How to make a euro payment?

You can make euro payments to SEPA countries by using the New payment function on OP-mobile or the service. Use the international bank account number (IBAN) and the bank identification code (BIC). Also, fill in the requested additional information. If you make the payment before 14.00, the payment will generally show on the payee’s account already on the same weekday.

Make other euro payments abroad in the same way as non-euro payments.

How to make a non-euro payment?

Make euro and all non-euro payments to countries outside the SEPA by using the New payment function on OP-mobile or the service. In Payment method, select Payment instruction. The payment will generally be delivered within 1–3 banking days. If the payment is urgent, select Urgent payment instruction in Payment method. Only adults can make international payments.

The charge for an international payment depends on whether the payer pays all charges incurred by the banks. If you make an international payment to an EEA country, the payer and the payee shall each pay their own bank’s charges, i.e. the charges are divided (SHA). This is the most recommendable way of making an international payment. When making a payment to a country outside the EEA, you can also choose to pay all the payment charges (OUR).

Earned OP bonuses are used to pay service charges for international payments.

For more information on international payments, contact OP customer service.

Learn more about SEPA credit transfers and international payments.

The acronym SEPA stands for the Single Euro Payments Area. SEPA enables paying and receiving euro-denominated payments within European countries on the same terms as in one's home country.

IBAN means the International Bank Account Number. The Finnish IBANs begin with the country code FI and always contain 18 characters.

BIC is the Bank Identification Code, and it is used together with IBANs. Each OP Financial Group member bank's BIC is always OKOYFIHH. BIC is not required for domestic payments.

SEPA direct debit is designed for paying euro-denominated bills within the Single Euro Payments Area. SEPA direct debit can be used for recurring or non-recurring payments when the payee has no other suitable billing methods available.  However, we do not recommend SEPA direct debit as the primary billing method.

The payer gives directly the biller a mandate to bill their account. It is the biller's responsibility to authenticate the issuer of the mandate, for example to verify the bank account number or the access right to the account.

To enable automatic billing from the account, the payer must issue a SEPA direct debit mandate on the account for the bank.

The direct debit is visible on the service and OP-mobile at least two days before the bill's due date. If no direct debit mandate has been issued on the account, the payer can pay the bill on OP's digital services or at a bank branch.

The payer can claim a refund of a debited payment during eight weeks on a no-questions-asked basis and, within 13 months, if an unauthorised direct debit has been made. The refund claim is made to the bank.

SEPA direct debit is a chargeable service. Each SEPA direct debit is subject to a charge based on the bank's list of service charges and fees.

If you are about to receive an international payment – whether from SEPA or outside – the easiest way is to request it directly to your account. Notify the payer of your IBAN and your bank's BIC.

Each OP Financial Group member banks' BIC is always OKOYFIHH. You can see your own IBAN on OP eServices and on your bank statement.

If the criteria for a SEPA credit transfer are met, the money will be transferred to your account free of charge.  Payments coming from outside SEPA are subject to a charge based on Group member banks' own list of service charges and fees.

List of service charges and fees, international payments

At their fastest, incoming and outgoing international payments transfer from payer to payee during the same day.