Electronic services make your daily life easier

Once you activate electronic services, you can view your insurance policies and claims data at any time. You can also make changes to your insurance, change the account number, update your contact information, notify a new address and to transfer your home insurance to a new home when you move. You can easily file a loss report online, too.

Go electronic with your insurance-related mail

By utilising electronic insurance mail, you will help save the environment and your insurance documents will be automatically safely archived for a period of three years. You will be informed of new, incoming insurance documents either by email or text message. Your insurance mail is saved in the service automatically, which means that mail previously sent to the online service can be read and printed out.

Activate electronic insurance mail by clicking on the link below, logging in with your OP bank user identifiers and selecting: Activate electronic insurance mail.

If you use another bank’s identifiers to log in, you can activate electronic insurance mail by using the following path:

Log into the service with another bank’s identifiers by clicking the above link “Make your insurance mail electronic”

From the top right side of the page, select My profile > Communications > Insurance mail - My policies

Use the form to activate electronic insurance mail and to choose which free notification you will receive for incoming insurance mail.

Switch from paper invoices to e-invoices

By activating e-invoicing, you will receive Pohjola Insurance’s invoices directly and conveniently in your personal online bank, instead of receiving them through the post. You can make an e-invoice reception notification in your bank’s online service free of charge. To do this, you only need either the reference number or the customer number from the most recent invoice. After making the change, invoices will be sent directly to your online bank for approval. You can request a notification of incoming invoices to be sent either to your email or as a text message.

Pohjola Claim Help provides instructions when a loss occurs

In case of loss, we want to help you to return to normal life as soon as possible. When loss or damage occurs, go to the Pohjola Claim Help service that provides guidance on a 24/7 basis. Type a description of the damage in the search field and Pohjola Claim Help will give you instructions on how to handle it. Whether you are dealing with water damage at your home, a sudden illness or colliding with your car, Pohjola Claim Help is there to help you – anywhere, anytime.

Our partner network at your service

Pohjola Claim Help also provides contact details for Pohjola Insurance’s partner repair shops and doctors. We recommend that you use the services of our partners in case of loss or damage since this will enable you to attend to repair and claims matters smoothly in one go, without the need to file a separate loss report. You only pay the deductible applied to your policy (if any) to our partner. After this, our partner will handle any other claims matters directly with us. There is no need for you to automatically send us receipts; we will ask to see them if necessary.

File a loss report online – no queuing is required

If a separate loss report is required, you can file it quickly and easily on our online service. Filing a loss report online enables the loss to be processed faster, which means that compensation will be credited to your account more quickly. You can also easily supplement the loss report at a later date and/or make a further claim relating to the loss or damage. All attachments relating to the loss or damage can also be sent smoothly online.

Learn more about reporting losses online by clicking on the link below.