Managing your insurance matters at

Buying and shopping for insurance, filing loss reports and other daily insurance matters can often be handled easily in the service. We compiled these answers to the most frequently asked questions about OP eServices. Select a topic to see instructions.


Buying insurance, making changes and reporting a loss


Buying and comparing insurance and requesting quotes 

Most insurance policies for private customers can be browsed and purchased easily online. After selecting an insurance policy, you can customise it to include suitable covers, compare prices and buy the insurance. Your purchases are visible within a few weekdays in the My Policies section (in Finnish) after you have logged in at

Use the link below to learn more about the insurance you want, calculate the price and buy the insurance. 

Some insurance policies cannot be purchased online at this time. In this case, you will be directed to either request a quote or call our insurance advisor in order to ensure that you are not left without insurance cover. 

While you can purchase only one insurance policy at a time online, you can request quotes for several policies, such as each policy for your home and family, by sending the electronic request for insurance quote form. 

In the request for quote, you can specify the policies for which you wish to receive a quote. After we have processed your request, we will send you an insurance quote that factors in the discounts and benefits you are entitled to by taking out several policies. You receive benefits depending on the scope of your business with us and whether you are an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, for example.


Managing your insurance matters and changing insurance information

As a rule, all your insurance policies are listed in the My Policies section after you have logged into the service. 

Please note, however, that the My Policies section will automatically display only those policies in which you are the policyholder. For example, if your spouse has insured your shared home with home insurance and is named as the policyholder, the policy will be listed under your spouse’s insurance policies.

On the service, you can also change certain insurance details, such as the sum insured, deductible and beneficiary of the policy. Not all insurance details can be changed online. If you are unable to make the changes online, contact us by phone or by messaging us at or OP-mobile.  

To change your insurance details, log into the service and go to the My Policies section. Open the policy to view the insurance details and make changes to some of the information. Your changes will be visible on the service within a few days. 

You can easily change the number of instalments for your insurance premium on the Insurance Contracts page of the service. Select the insurance and change the number of instalments.

You can request more payment time for a Pohjola Insurance bill at or on OP-mobile. 

Terminating insurance policies is no longer possible over the phone: only in writing or online while authenticated. The easiest way to terminate your voluntary insurance policies is by logging in to Use the link below to log in to (in Finnish) and terminate your insurance policies. From the list, select the policy you want to terminate, after which you can choose to terminate the policy. You can terminate multiple insurance policies at once. The termination will be visible on the service within a few days.

Before terminating your insurance, please note that this may affect the validity and pricing of other policies and possible loyalty benefits. 

If, after terminating an insurance policy, you wish to purchase a new equivalent policy, the insurance terms and conditions may have changed from the terminated policy, or an equivalent insurance may no longer be available. In other words, take care to ensure that you do not unintentionally weaken your insurance cover by terminating a favourable policy. If you have any doubts, get in touch with our Customer Service before terminating the policy. 

Terminating motor liability insurance

Motor liability insurance is a statutory insurance, which means that it can be terminated only when the vehicle’s owner changes, or the vehicle is removed from the register by a scrapping certificate or due to an accident, or the vehicle is decommissioned from road use. Motor liability insurance for a decommissioned vehicle can be terminated by online message. Terminating the insurance should be done only when your vehicle is decommissioned from road use for a longer period of time.

There are a number of situations in which you may be required to present a certificate of valid insurance. You can print out certificates after you have logged into the service. You can find the required certificate of insurance from the policy’s details under the Insurance page or the Cards page.


Reporting a loss and filing an insurance claim

We have compiled instructions for various everyday loss events in the Pohjola Claim Help service. In the Claim Help search field, type the loss that has happened and the service will search for instructions on what to do and information on the right insurance to assist you in the loss.

Pohjola Claim Help also lists the contact details of our partners who can assist you in the event of loss or damage. When visiting our partner, you do not necessarily need to file a separate loss report, as our partner will handle both the situation at hand and the process of filing the claim. Our partners may also offer special benefits and discounts.

Filing a loss report is easy and fast on the service and on OP-mobile, but in some cases, it is not necessary to file the report at all. In certain types of loss or damage, you can visit our partner and let them handle the loss and file the report on your behalf. 

Reporting losses and claiming compensation can be done by filing an electronic loss report. To file a loss report, log into the service and go to the Loss report form. 

Please note, however, that with certain types of losses, you do not necessarily need to file a separate loss report, and can simply visit our partner to handle the loss. Our partner will assist you with the loss and take care of filing the loss report. The contact details of our partners who can assist you in the event of loss or damage are listed in Pohjola Claim Help. 

Insurance claims and refunded insurance premiums are paid to the bank account you have provided. You can edit your account details from the link below.


Viewing and updating your personal information

You can view your contact information on the My Profile page on the right-hand side at next to your name. On this page, you can also change your phone number and email address. You can report a change in your name or address by calling us or by online message at or OP-mobile.

Be sure to also check that your bank account information is up-to-date for receiving insurance-related payments. To view and change the bank account you have provided for insurance-related payments, go to the Insurance - Accounts page. 



Managing insurance for an underage child


As the policyholder, you can view your underage child’s insurance policies on the service after you have logged on the My Policies page.

As the guardian, you are entitled to view the insured underage child’s insurance details and can file loss reports under the child’s insurance.

As the child’s guardian, you can file loss reports under the child’s insurance after you have logged into the service by navigating to the Claims section and selecting Report a loss.

If you have already reported the loss and you have to report additional costs or submit supplementary information relating to it, you can do this in the Claims section under the Filed claims list. Search the list for the previously reported claim and select the option to report additional expenses, or send additional information.

If you have taken out insurance for your child already during pregnancy, you need to declare the child’s name and personal identity code in the insurance details after birth. 

You can declare the name and personal identity code of the newborn by messaging us at or OP-mobile and we will update the information.



Online services by insurance line


Motor vehicle insurance


If you do not use your vehicle for a certain period of time, you can decommission it from road use. You can decommission the vehicle on the service in the My Policies section by selecting “Make a notification” under the header Motor vehicle insurance. Alternatively, you can change the registration in the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom online service or at any vehicle inspection station that issues registrations. Changes in registration are subject to a fee stated in Traficom’s list of service charges and fees.

The registration changes will be updated automatically in your insurance policy data. During the time of decommissioning, your motor liability insurance will be charged only a minimum premium of 14 euros. If you also have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, you will continue to be charged for covers that protect your vehicle also during decommissioning.

In order to receive the refunded premiums, please make sure your bank account number is up to date at all times. To view and change the bank account, go to the Insurance - Accounts page.

Certain Pohjola Insurance motor vehicle insurance policies are priced automatically, depending on the time of year. In these cases, seasonal rating of premiums is taken into account in the insurance bill. In seasonal rating, the premiums for motorcycle insurance are automatically higher during the spring and summer months, whilst premiums for snowmobile insurance are higher during the autumn and winter months, for example. 

We have compiled separate instructions to help you in both buying and selling a car. The instructions provide information related to both insurance and financing, and we also give our tips to help you get a good deal on your car.


Home insurance


As a Pohjola Insurance home insurance customer, you do not need to terminate and buy a new policy when moving homes. You can relocate your current insurance to your new address easily in the service. This way, you also make sure that the insurance remains valid while you are selling your old home and during the move.


Tiesitkö, että voit hoitaa lähes kaikkia vakuutusasioitasi myös OP-mobiilissa? 

Löydät OP-mobiilista esimerkiksi vakuutustesi vakuutuskirjat ja -ehdot sekä digitaaliset vakuutuskortit, joita tarvitset esimerkiksi kumppanillamme asioidessa. OP-mobiilissa teet helposti myös vahinkoilmoituksen ja ostat vakuutuksia. Vakuutusasiointi OP-mobiilissa onnistuu myös toisen pankin tunnuksilla.