Insurance policies and invoicing

The easiest way to pay an insurance bill is to use an e-invoice. You can request more payment time for an insurance bill easily at or on OP-mobile. This page gives you answers to this and many other questions about insurance billing.

Where can I find new insurance invoices?

Any new home, health, and property insurance bills will be on the Insurance bills page when you log in to the service. On the same page, you can also see your paid bills for the last three years. You can see the insurance bills at and on OP-mobile if you are the payer of the bills. If you are managing the insurance under power of attorney, you cannot view the bills.

You can also view your open and paid insurance bills on OP-mobile. Navigate to OP-mobile’s Pohjola Insurance section and select View bills.

How are OP bonuses taken into account in my invoice?

Any OP bonuses you have accumulated will be used automatically to reduce your insurance invoice. We reduce the payable amount before sending the invoice to you. Your bonuses are used well in advance, about a month before the due date. If your bonuses do not cover the entire premium amount, we charge the rest by means of a paper invoice or e-invoice, whichever you have chosen.

How can I choose an e-invoice?

You can choose e-invoices in OP eServices. Information that you have chosen e-invoices is updated into your details automatically within about a week, so you may still receive the latest invoice through the post, but all the following invoices will arrive directly into your online bank.

You can also view your open and paid insurance bills on OP-mobile. Navigate to OP-mobile’s Pohjola Insurance section and select View bills.

I need more time to pay my insurance bill, what should I do?

If you are unable to pay your insurance bill on the due date, you can easily ask for an extension at or on OP-mobile.

You can request an extension for a bill if the bill is open, it is not past due, and it has not been granted an extension before. The payment term can be extended by 1–30 days.

After the original due date, the extension period will be subject to a default interest which we will charge in your next insurance bill. You can’t request more payment time for bills on agreements billed in 12 instalments.

How to request an extension on OP-mobile: Navigate to OP-mobile’s Pohjola Insurance section and select View bills.
If you are unable to request an extension at or on OP-mobile, you can also ask for an extension by messaging our customer service.

Can I pay the premium in more than one instalment?

You can pay the premium all in one go or in 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 instalments. If you wish to pay the invoice in 12 instalments, you must first have a valid e-invoice agreement. Remember that if you pay the insurance invoice as a single instalment, you will receive a 2.5% mode of payment discount.

You can change the number of instalments of your insurance bills at Please note that you need to change the number of instalments separately for each insurance contract. 

Can I change the insurance premium invoice payer?

You can change the payer of insurance bills at Note, however, that the change does not take effect until the beginning of the next insurance period. If you have just received the insurance period’s first invoice, we will send you a new, replacing invoice after the change. If you change the payer, the new invoice will be sent to the new payer and the previous invoice will be cancelled.

Please note that you need to change the payer of insurance bills separately for each insurance contract. It is not possible to change the payer of an individual insurance bill. 

How do I print a bill?

You can view your insurance bills as PDF files and print them under My archive. 

I have received several identical invoices for the same agreement. Which one shall I use to pay it?

If any changes are made to your insurance contract, we will send you a corrected invoice. Changes to insurance contracts may include changes to coverage, adding a new policy and, as referred to above, changing the number of instalments or the payer.

The corrected invoice you have received explains that it replaces an earlier invoice in the same invoicing period. This means that you can pay the invoice you received last.

Please note that, owing to changes, you may also receive more than one invoice having the same due date or due dates that are close to each other. This is because a corrected invoice always has a later due date, meaning that the following invoicing period’s invoice may be included on the same invoice. If you made a change at least a week before the due date, we will send you a credit note automatically of any e-invoices. If a change is made later than this, you can simply delete any unnecessary invoices in your online bank.

I paid too much premium. What do I do now?

If you have paid too much premium, we will refund you automatically within about two weeks. Please make sure that your details contains a valid account number for any refunds. If no account number can be found, your refund will be paid as a money order.

I terminated an insurance policy, what happens to the invoice I received?

If you terminate a policy, you will receive a new invoice with the updated information, and you can ignore the previous invoice.

When you have terminated the insurance, let us know your account number for the possible refund of insurance premiums. We will refund the excess insurance premium within about two weeks of the insurance policy being terminated.
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