Buy-to-let home loan

Make your money grow through buy-to-let investment – apply for a loan for a buy-to-let home

Apply for a buy-to-let home loan instantly online

Popular buy-to-let homes on the market go quickly. That’s why you should apply for a loan in good time, even if you don’t know yet which property you’re going for. You can apply for a loan easily online.


Apply easily with another bank’s user ID

Applying for a buy-to-let home loan is easy even if you were another bank’s customer. The loan offer does not oblige you to take out a loan from us. It’s only a request for proposal.


All buy-to-let investor services at your fingertips

With OP, you will have access to all OP cooperative bank banking services, Pohjola insurance services and OP Koti real estate agency services. As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you will earn OP bonuses that you can use, for example, to pay for bank service charges and insurance bills.


Buy your buy-to-let home completely digitally

If you wish, you can complete the purchase of your buy-to-let home completely digitally. Everything can be done online, including loan negotiation, remote house viewings and signing the deed of sale.

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Whether you are looking for your first buy-to-let home or are an experienced buy-to-let investor, submitting your loan application online is easy. You apply for a buy-to-let home loan in the same was as for an ordinary home loan. What to do:

  1. Log in at using your online service user identifiers. Fill in and send your home loan application.
  2. We will get in touch with you and have the loan negotiation by phone, online or at a branch.
  3. You will receive a loan offer which you can then use to bid for a home.

Find the right amount of buy-to-let home loan – Use our loan calculator

A loan calculator will help you check how the loan amount, loan term and interest rate will affect the monthly repayment of your buy-to-let home loan.

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Financing a buy-to-let home through a loan

As popularity of rental accommodation increases, buy-to-lets are becoming an attractive investment option. Just as with an ordinary home loan, you will need collateral and equity for a buy-to-let home loan. The buy-to-let home or your own home will often serve as collateral. We will check your collateral during the loan negotiation. The first step in financing your buy-to-let home is to send in your loan application and then discuss your plans with us during the loan negotiation.

You should plan your buy-to-let investment carefully

Planning is important in buy-to-let investing. First think what kind of return on your investment you would like. Calculate the expected returns and expenses with care. It’s also worth considering how your own finances will withstand the risks associated with buy-to-let investing if not all go as planned. Watch these expert tips on how to start your buy-to-let investing (in Finnish).


If you want to become a buy-to-let investor, it is vital that you get in touch with your bank, apply for a loan and then explore your opportunities for buy-to-let investing.

Outi Kapanen Development Manager, OP

All buy-to-let investor services under one roof

We are a responsible Finnish bank owned by our customers. Our buy-to-let home loan stands out from other banks’ loans because as OP cooperative bank's owner-customer it brings value-for-money OP bonuses to you. You can use your bonuses to pay for bank services charges, insurance bills, OP Koti real estate agent’s fees and more.

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About to sell or purchase a buy-to-let home? OP Koti real estate agents are experts of the housing market across Finland. If you wish, the sales of your current buy-to-let home can be handled completely digitally, even the signing of the deed of sale. We are happy to help you find suitable investment options anywhere in Finland.

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The home loan is provided by OP cooperative bank. OP Koti real estate agent services are available throughout Finland.

Example calculation: Home loan is a one-off loan. Let's look at a home loan where the loan amount is 170,000 euros. The loan term is 20 years. The loan margin is 0.7%. Calculating with the 12-month Euribor of 4.116% (valid on 16 Aug 2023), the effective interest rate of this home loan will be 5.0%. In addition, a loan servicing fee of 2.50 euros will be charged each month. When the loan is drawn down, a one-off origination fee of 680 euros will be charged. The estimated total cost of the loan is 266,183.85 euros.

In this calculation, we assumed that the entire loan was drawn down at once, that the loan interest rate, fees and charges stay the same throughout the loan term and that the loan is repaid in equal payments of 1103.77 euros every month. The home loan is granted by an OP cooperative bank.

The loan is granted by an OP cooperative bank.

Take a look at the terms and conditions governing loans, pledges and guarantees, and forms. You will accept the terms and conditions of the loan and collateral agreement at the time of signature.

Loan terms and conditions

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.