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Car loan calculator – calculate your car financing needs

The car loan calculator is handy when you are contemplating car financing. Familiarise yourself with the car loan calculator and calculate a suitable car loan for you.

Car finance

Buying a car requires planning – and usually financing. You will ask yourself: Where should I get financing? How much financing do I need?

With the car loan calculator, you can quickly find out what your car financing needs are. When financing is in order, you can focus on finding the ride of your dreams.

The car loan calculator will recommend a financing form that suits your needs

The car loan calculator estimates the loan costs for a selected loan term. Based on the chosen loan amount and loan term, we will recommend a loan that suits your needs.

The options are hire purchase, bank loan and special consumer credit. The calculator shows you the recommended monthly instalment, interest rate and total cost.

This is how you use the car loan calculator

  1. Enter the loan amount you need and a suitable loan term.
  2. Based on the information you provide, we will recommend a suitable financing solution.
  3. You can conveniently apply for financing right away online.

Bear in mind that the calculation is only an estimate. The credit interest rate and terms and conditions will be specified in the credit offer.

The credit is extended by OP Retail Customers plc. The loan is granted by an OP cooperative bank. Hire-purchase financing is granted by OP Corporate Bank plc.

Car loan calculator