Information for Investors news-sheets

The Information for Investors news-sheets contain information that must by law be communicated to clients before providing investment services.

We updated the Information for Investors news-sheets on 20 October 2017 to correspond to the EU-wide MiFID II regulation governing markets for financial instruments that will enter into force on 23 January 2017.

Information for Investors contains:

  • information on OP cooperative banks as service provider and on investment services provided by OP cooperative banks;
  • the general principles of custody of client assets at OP cooperative banks;
  • the Conflicts-of-Interest Policy applied by OP cooperative banks. The practices described in the Policy are used to take account of the client’s best interests in the case of conflicts of interest;
  • the operating principles governing the execution of orders; and
  • the general description of the characteristics of financial instruments and major risks associated with them. More detailed information on each financial instrument can be found in the financial instrument’s brochure.

The Information for Investors news-sheets come in different versions for different OP Financial Group companies.