Report on returns and costs of investment products and services

The report will be sent to those OP’s saver and investor customers who have owned investment products or used securities brokerage or custody services in the previous year.

The customers will receive this report to their archive on the service. If the customer doesn’t use the service, the report will be sent to OP cooperative banks’ customers by post and to OP Corporate Bank’s customers by email.

The report is based on the banks’ information obligation under the European Union’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), and covers practically all investment products, except insurance saving. The returns and costs of insurance saving will be reported separately until further notice. The report will not require any action on the part of customers.

Returns and costs summarized and specified

The report shows the total returns and costs of all products and services, with costs divided into service charges and product charges. For private customers, the charges covered by OP bonuses are also included. Service and product costs are specified by product category, many of which have been broken down further into products.

Report covers the previous year

The report states the return generated for the previous year. It does not indicate how the investments have performed during their entire holding period. Investing requires a long-term approach and returns vary by year. You can conveniently monitor your investments’ short-term and long-term performance on OP´s-mobile app under Investments, and on the service under Savings and Investments (in Finnish for personal customers under Säästöt ja sijoitukset). To read more about the previous investment year, click the link at the bottom of this page.

How to read the report

When reading the report, we recommend that you take a look at the appended descriptions, the glossary at the end of the report and the instructions for readers which explain the meaning of each line. You can access the instructions for readers from the link below.

Other documents about costs

You can read more about costs from the Effect of costs on investment return document. It explains and gives examples of the costs and fees related to investment products and trading services. In addition, product- and service-specific costs are described in detail in each product’s Key Investor Information Document, Key Information Document or list of service charges and fees. See below for a link to the Effect of costs on investment return document.