Seniori kahvilassa

Tips on how to use banking services for older people and persons with special needs

This page contains information about our services for older people and persons with special needs and tips on how to manage your finances easily.

Help in using online services

These days, nearly all banking services can be done online. Online services are constantly being designed and redesigned, and it’s impossible to learn everything at once. But don’t worry – take the time to try things out and you’ll see how easy they are to use.

Do you have OP’s online user IDs but haven’t used them yet? 

If you don’t have a OP user ID yet, you can get one by booking an appointment at a bank branch. Remember to take a valid ID document with you when visiting our bank branch.

You can always ask your own bank’s experts for help in using online services or call us. Local OP cooperative banks also regularly hold free public instruction on the use of digital services. Ask your own bank for more information.

Help with daily finances from a trusted loved one 

When we are no longer able to manage our daily banking needs on our own, the help of a trusted friend or family member is invaluable. 

If you need some help with daily banking, you can give a trusted friend or family member access rights to your account. They can then withdraw money from the account and pay bills, for example. 

If you need more assistance with your banking services, you can authorise a loved one to take care of your finances with a power of attorney. On a general power of attorney, you can type your consent or authorisation yourself. The general power of attorney has to include a detailed description of which banking transactions the authorised person can manage.

Do you handle banking matters on behalf of a loved one?

Handling someone else’s financial matters brings responsibilities and obligations. 

Finances are often a sensitive matter. How to bring up the topic with a loved one?

Secure transactions

Using online services and payment cards is secure when you keep a few basic things in mind. The most important thing is not to share your user IDs or passwords with anyone. If someone contacts you and asks for your online banking user IDs or card details, the person is likely to be trying to get information for criminal purposes. When you don’t share your ID or password with others, you have nothing to worry about.

Secure login

Always enter the address for the online bank ( in your browser’s address bar personally whenever logging into the online bank. Don’t click links in emails or SMSs. And don’t log in to the online service from the results page of a search engine (such as Bing or Google).

Make your daily errands easier

A payment card is a secure and handy way to pay for daily purchases. When you carry a payment card with you, you don’t need to worry about withdrawing cash and always have exact change.

Contactless payment

If you haven’t yet tried contactless payment, go ahead and give it a try. Contactless payment is a secure and easy way to pay for smaller purchases as you don’t need to enter the card in the reader or punch in your PIN code with each purchase. Simple bring the card near the card reader. For security reasons, you will sometimes be asked to enter your PIN code.

In larger purchases, you will need to enter your PIN code.

Did you forget your PIN?

Don’t worry, we’re all human. You can order a new PIN code by calling our Customer Service.

Withdrawing cash with a payment card

In Finland, payment cards or apps are accepted nearly universally. However, if you need cash, the easiest way to withdraw it is with a payment card from a shop checkout or ATM. You can also withdraw cash from bank branches that offer cashier services.

Get an online bank statement at any time

You can get your bank statement delivered digitally in your online bank. The online bank statement has all the same information as a traditional paper bank statement. You can print out the online bank statement to use it as an official document similar to a paper statement. You can also order a traditional paper bank statement in addition to the online bank statement. Please note, however, that ordering a paper bank statement is subject to a charge.

Paper bank statement once a month

If you don’t yet have an OP user ID or use online services very infrequently, you can order a paper bank statement to be mailed to you once a month. The paper bank statement shows your transactions in the previous month.

If you want to keep better track of your account transactions, you can order OP Account SMS as a supplement to the paper bank statement.

OP Account SMS - text message for every transaction

If you don’t actively use online services but want to keep track of transactions in your account, try the OP Account SMS service. You get an SMS notification whenever a payment is charged from your account. You can also order the SMSs to show your account balance.

Recommend OP Account SMS to a friend or family member who doesn’t use online services and tracks their account transactions from a paper bank statement.

You can pay bills in many ways from home without needing to visit a bank branch. If you use our online services, you can order bills as e-invoices to receive them directly at or OP-mobile. In OP-mobile, you can also pay bills by scanning a bar code.
If you don’t use online services, you can pay bills with a payment envelope or direct payment.

Payment envelope

You don’t have to make a separate agreement with the bank to use payment envelopes, but you must have a current account with access rights in an OP cooperative bank. This service is subject to a charge specified in the list of service charges and fees.

You can get payment envelopes and credit transfer forms from your local bank branch. You can also call OP Customer Service and order envelopes to be mailed to your home.
Deliver your paper bills to a mailbox in the payment envelope and OP will make the payment from your account on your behalf. 

Direct payment

Direct payment is a free, easy and secure method to pay bills. 

The use of direct payment must be agreed with the bank separately for each payment initiator, either by visiting the bank branch or calling our Customer Service. The bill is charged from your account automatically on the due date, and you’ll receive a confirmation in the mail.

Direct payment is suited especially for regular recurring payments, such as rents, maintenance charges, phone bills, electricity, water and waste management charges and taxes.