Using services with a friend or family member

There are many ways family members can support older people in their banking. Many older people do their banking independently either with or without a computer. Sometimes an older person wants to handle their finances independently even though they need assistance. When this is the case, you can find an appropriate way of supporting the older person, such as paying their bills if you have access rights to their payment account.

Do you handle banking matters on behalf of a loved one?

When we are no longer able to handle our daily banking independently, the help of a trusted friend or family member is invaluable. Handling someone else’s financial matters also brings responsibilities and obligations.

Do you want to authorise a loved one to do your banking?

If you need some help with daily banking, you can give a trusted friend or family member access rights to your account. They can then withdraw money from the account and pay bills, for example.

Are you familiar with continuing power of attorney?

Representation based on a continuing power of attorney enables you to prepare yourself for permanent incapacity caused by an illness, for example.