How to identify scam messages – see examples of scam messages

Scam messages are repeatedly sent in OP’s name. You’ll find the most recent scams that have come to our attention on this page. Please note that phishing messages may be in the same message chain as genuine SMSes from OP. The address leading to the phishing page changes frequently.

This page includes images and descriptions of scam messages sent by cybercriminals. If you receive a message of this kind, it’s a scam. The messages are usually in Finnish.

As you can see, a scam message almost always urges its reader to take action through a link or button. Usually, the link will take you to a fake page passing off as a login page. Its purpose is to phish for bank user IDs or other information. Do not click on the link or button!

Even if the suspicious message you received is not shown on this page, do not react to the message as it could be a new scam. Take a screen capture of the suspicious SMS and email it to tietoturvailmoitukset(at) If the message arrived by email, save the message and send it as an email attachment to tietoturvailmoitukset(at) You can also contact our Customer Service to have the matter investigated.

What a scam message looks like – the most recent scams that have come to our attention

20 July 2022 "OP Online-käyttösi on jäädytetty epätavallisen toiminnan vuoksi"

The message, which is in Finnish, states that "OP: Online-käyttösi on jäädytetty epätavallisen toiminnan vuoksi. Palauta käyttöoikeus noudattamalla ohjeita osoitteessa..."

20 July 2022 "Olemme havainneet epänormaalia toimintaa tililläsi"

The message states in Finnish that "Olemme havainneet epänormaalia toimintaa tililläsi. Estääksesi eston käy osoitteessa..."

20 July 2022 "Maksusi on kirjautunut järjestelmäämme"

The message states the following in Finnish: "Arvoisa asiakkaamme, Maksusi on kirjautunut järjestelmäämme. Jos et ole tehnyt tätä siirry osoitteeseen... peruuttaaksesi maksu". 

20 January 2022 ”Ennaltaehkäisevänä toimenpiteenä” (“As a preventive measure”)

This message urges customers to update their details due to system checks required by the European Union and the Act on the Bank of Finland.


20 January 2022 ”Olet maksamassa palvelussamme” (“You are making a payment in our service”)

This message claims that a payment is being made from your account to a private person.

20 January 2022 ”OP tilisi on lukittu” (“Your OP account has been locked”)

This message claims that your account has been locked. 

The above messages are scams for sure. Because cybercriminals often change the appearance of their scam messages, other kinds of scam messages may be in circulation, too.
If you suspect that your user ID has fallen into the wrong hands, deactivate your user ID by calling at 0100 0500 (personal customers) or 0100 05151 (corporate customers). When our Customer Service is not available, please call the OP Deactivation Service at +358 100 0555. The service is open 24/7.