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The statement of fees shows the service fees for the preceding year

Customers receive a statement of fees in line with the EU Payment Accounts Directive annually.

The statement of fees is a part of the Payment Accounts Directive (2014/92/EU). The Directive seeks to ensure that the actual service fees charged for payment accounts are communicated to customers in a form that provides them with consolidated information about the service fees they have paid. This makes it possible for customers to compare the fees of different service providers.

Who receives a statement of fees?

As a private customer of OP, you will receive a statement of fees once a year if you are the principal holder of:

  • a current account;
  • an account based on a current account, such as a joint household account
  • a basic payment account;

Where can I find my statement of fees?

If you use OP-mobile or the service, you will receive a message about the statement of fees in the next few days. The message is to inform you that your statement of fees has been added to the ‘My archive’ section of OP-mobile, accessible under ‘More’ and ‘My profile’. On the service, the ‘My archive’ section is on the right-hand side. If you do not use the service, we will post your statement of fees to your home address.

Why have I not received a statement of fees? Why is my statement of fees blank?

If you are not the principal holder of a basic payment account, current account or account based on a current account, or you do not have any accounts of these types, you will not receive a statement of fees.

How should I read the statement of fees?

The statement of fees shows the fees charged for the services related to the account from 1 January to 31 December 2019. The ‘Total fees paid’ section shows your service fees before the use of any OP bonuses to pay the service fees. The ‘Additional information’ shows the amount of any OP bonuses used to pay your service fees. If the statement of fees is blank, it means that we did not charge any service fees for the account.

Why does the statement of fees not show all of the service fees that were charged?

The statement only shows the service fees applying to payment accounts under the Payment Accounts Directive. These include general account services, charges, cards and cash. For example, the statement does not include service fees related to investments or loans.

How does the statement of fees show the interest on my current account?

Owner-customers receive a fixed interest rate of 0.10% on current accounts, and other customers receive a rate of 0.00% on current accounts. If you have been an owner-customer for the entire year and you received interest every month, the statement of fees will show your deposit rate on one line.

If you have not been an owner-customer for an entire year or the minimum balance of your current account in a calendar month was so low that it accrued no interest, the statement of fees will show your deposit rate on several lines. For the periods when you accrued no interest or you were not an owner-customer, the statement will show an interest rate of 0.00% and a monetary value of EUR 0.00.

How does OP charge its service fees?

We will debit the service fees from your account or your OP bonuses every month. If you are an OP owner-customer, any OP bonuses you earn will be used to pay service fees and charges. You can check whether you are an owner-customer and see your current OP bonus balance on the service or on OP-mobile. If you do not use OP eServices, you can obtain this information by visiting your OP cooperative bank branch.

Where can I find more information about my OP cooperative bank’s service fees?

For more information, visit the page, Fee information document. You can find your OP cooperative bank’s list of service charges and fees at

On OP-mobile or the service, you can ask for more information by sending a message or using the chat function. We will answer your calls on 0100 0500, Mon–Fri 8–16 (local network rate/mobile network rate).