The statement of fees shows the service fees for the preceding year

The statement of fees is a summary of the service fees we have charged you the previous year as well as interests you have paid or accrued. The statement gives a concise and clear picture of all service fees debited during the year and makes it easier to compare different service providers’ fees. The statement of fees is based on the EU Payment Accounts Directive. (2014/92/EU).

Where can I find my statement of fees?

We will deliver the statement of fees for 2020 to Oma Arkisto (My archive) on by the end of February 2021. If you have several current accounts at OP, we will send you a separate statement of fees for each account.

You can log into the service with OP’s or another bank’s user ID. If you do not have any bank’s user ID, you can order a statement of fees by calling our customer service at 0100 0500 (local/mobile network rate) or by visiting an OP cooperative bank branch.

Go to my archive (requires login in Finnish or Swedish)

Why have I not received a statement of fees? 

A statement of fees is delivered for current accounts and accounts based on the current account as well as basic payment accounts. If you’re not the principal holder of such an account, you will not receive a statement of fees.

How should I read the statement of fees?

The statement of fees shows the fees charged for the services related to the account from 1 January to 31 December 2020.

  • Under ‘Maksetut maksut yhteensä’ (Total fees paid) you can see all service fees for 2020.
  • The ‘Lisätiedot’ (Additional information) section shows the amount of OP bonuses used for paying your service fees.

If the statement of fees is blank, it means that we did not charge any service fees for the account.

Why does the statement of fees not show all of the service fees that were charged?

The statement of fees is based on the EU Payment Accounts Directive, which defines the service fees for which a summary must be delivered to the customer. These services include general account services, payments, cards and cash.

For example, the statement does not include service fees related to investments or loans.

How does the statement of fees show the interest on my current account?

If interest has accrued for every calendar month and the interest rate percentage has not changed during the year because of becoming an owner-customer or some other reason, the statement of fees will show the deposit interest paid on your account during the whole year on one line.

If the interest rate of your current account has varied during the year or interest has only been paid for some calendar months, the statement of fees shows the interest on separate lines according to how interest was paid in different months. Your interest rate might have varied if you have not been an owner-customer for the whole calendar year or the lowest balance of your current account in a calendar month was so low at times that it accrued no interest.

If you have more than one current account, you will receive a separate statement of fees for each account.

How does OP charge its service fees?

Services fees are charged monthly from your account. If you are an owner-customer, the OP bonuses you have earned will be used for paying service charges and fees.

You can check whether you are an owner-customer and see your current OP bonus balance on the service or on OP-mobile. If you do not use OP eServices, you can obtain this information by visiting your OP cooperative bank branch.

Where can I find more information about my OP cooperative bank’s service fees?

For more information, visit the page, Fee information document. You can find your OP cooperative bank’s list of service charges and fees at

On OP-mobile or the service, you can ask for more information by sending a message or using the chat function. We will answer your calls on 0100 0500, Mon–Fri 8–16 (local network rate/mobile network rate).