This way your company can access accounts through an external service provider

If a service provider used by your company has adopted banks’ interfaces, you must change your corporate account’s access rights at the bank. After that, you can authorise the service provider to access your company’s account details.

In September 2019, the new EU PSD2 directive entered into force. The directive opened bank account and payment interfaces to third parties, or external service providers. 

Alongside traditional banks, external service providers can provide you with new services and channels for, say, managing your company’s accounts and making payments. 

Do as follows if you want to use an external service provider’s services

If you receive a message in an external service provider’s online store stating that accessing accounts requires additional access rights, you don’t have permission to authorise third parties.

You must first change your corporate account’s access rights at the bank, then your company can use the services offered by an external service provider for managing accounts and making payments.

You can make the needed changes by contacting our Customer Service either by a message at or by calling 0100 05151. 

We can extend an external service provider’s access rights at the bank as follows:

  • Account information services: Service provider can retrieve account details.
  • Payment order service: You can authorise a payment order service using PSD2 interfaces to initiate a payment directly from your company’s payment account.

After the company’s account access rights have been extended at the bank, you can authorise a service provider to, for example, use your company’s account details or initiate a payment order.

If you wish to terminate the service, you must contact the third-party service provider.

Want to authorise the Web Services channel?

Using the bank connection authorisation form, a company or corporation can authorise an administrator to take care of machine-readable payment transfers on the company’s behalf. The administrator can be an accounting firm or software supplier, for instance.

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Build a real-time connection to your bank with OP’s payment transfer API solutions

You can enhance your company’s operations and easily build a real-time connection to your bank by using OP’s payment transfer API solutions, or software interfaces. The interfaces can be used to fully automate both payment transfers and transaction queries, thereby speeding up your company’s processes involving payment settlements and monitoring of receivables. 

The payment transfer API solutions can also be integrated for purposes beyond financial management.

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