Certificates of insurance

There are a number of situations in which you may be required to present a certificate of valid corporate insurance. Here we describe the most frequently requested types of insurance certificate. You can print out or order certificates by logging into the service. You can find the required certificate of insurance from the policy’s details under the Insurance page.

Motor vehicle insurance

If you are travelling abroad by car and require a Green Card, read the instructions here.

With a certificate of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, you can demonstrate to the finance company that you have insured the vehicle with the required insurance cover.

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is a voluntary insurance policy that covers losses to your vehicle. Because motor liability insurance, which is mandatory for all motor vehicles, only covers personal injuries and damage to the adverse party’s vehicle and property, comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is needed to cover damage to your vehicle caused in an accident.

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is valid throughout Europe and in Green Card countries outside Europe, with a few exceptions. Please note that the deductible of your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is higher when travelling outside Finland. For the list of exceptions and country-specific deductibles of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance and its covers, see the insurance terms and conditions and the product guide.

Personal and travel insurance

Travel insurance provides comprehensive cover for your employees, and the travel insurance certificate allows employees to present proof to the medical care provider of valid insurance in the absence of a travel insurance card. The travel insurance certificate is often also required when applying for a visa.

In addition to medical treatment expenses, the insurance covers medical transport of the insured to their homeland or country of secondment, as well as compensation for travel and accommodation costs caused by a sudden natural catastrophe.

If you suddenly fall ill or are injured while abroad, the 24/7 Travel Emergency Service offers personal support and advice on the selection of a reliable physician or hospital. You can also handle payment commitment matters by calling + 358 102 530 011.

>> For your nearest partner doctor and more information, see Pohjola Claim Help at and in OP Business mobile.

With a certificate of occupational accident and occupational disease insurance, you can demonstrate that your business complies with its statutory obligations to insure its employees.

Workers' compensation insurance is required by law to insure employees against occupational accidents and diseases while on the job and during directly work-related travel. Employees' group life insurance is administered together with workers' compensation insurance.

Property and general liability insurance

A certificate of general liability insurance is often needed in tenders for contracts and services and for the Luotettava Kumppani (Reliable Partner) service.

General liability insurance is a form of basic corporate insurance and covers bodily injuries and material damage caused by business operations. We will also investigate whether your company is liable for indemnification and negotiate with the party suffering loss, if necessary.

Situations may arise in your business operations in which the company is liable to compensate damages incurred by another party. The company’s indemnification liability may be due to water damage caused by faulty installation or a customer tripping over on an old frayed doormat in your shop, for example.

A certificate of professional indemnity insurance is often needed in tenders for contracts and services and for the Luotettava Kumppani (Reliable Partner) service.

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover if your company, engaged in planning and consulting, finds itself liable to indemnify losses caused by a design error.

A certificate of financial loss cover is often needed in tenders for contracts and services and for the Luotettava Kumppani (Reliable Partner) service.

The insurance covers financial losses caused to third parties and is useful for accounting and legal service companies, for example.

With the certificate of forwarder’s liability insurance, you prove that your company is insured against damage to goods taken for storage. The damage may also include additional costs caused by sending goods to the wrong destination, as well as reasonable loss prevention or restriction costs.

Freight forwarder's liability insurance is intended for forwarding agencies engaged in forwarding assignments and sea, air and rail transport, as well as businesses engaged in terminal and warehousing operations.

The insurance covers indemnification liability for property and financial losses caused in the course of forwarding as specified in the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders.

With the certificate of insurance, you can demonstrate that your company is insured against losses that may arise in cargo handling operations.

Cargo handling insurance is designed for companies engaged in cargo handling using a lorry, lorry crane or working machine. Coverage can also be included for a lorry equipped with a loading crane. The insurance covers damage to cargo during its handling for which the policyholder is liable.