Reaaliomaisuuteen sijoittavat rahastot

Invest in real property and forest

Real estate mutual funds give you easy access to real property and forest investment even with a small amount.

Forests grow and housing units and real estate accrue rental returns also when stock markets are in turmoil. This is why the real property asset class has traditionally been one of professional investors’ investment portfolio’s cornerstones. For retail investors and savers, on the other hand, it has been difficult to access this asset class.

Using mutual funds, anybody can diversify their savings versatilely outside traditional equity and fixed-income investment. Investing in mutual funds is convenient and it requires no previous investment experience from the investor. Funds investing in real property and forest are suitable for long-term investors seeking steady cash flow and versatile diversification.

OP Public Services Real Estate Fund

The story behind OP Public Services Real Estate is based on the provision of services vital to society and needed by Finnish citizens in the course of their lives. The fund spreads its investments widely across real estate utilised in education, social services, physical culture, sports and healthcare services provided by society. Such real estate can host, for example, nursing homes, day-care centres, schools, multipurpose arenas or aided living residences. 

OP-Forest Owner

Instead of securities, the fund's portfolio includes real forest, which will keep growing regardless of economic cycles. By investing in this fund, you can enjoy the potential of forest with a smaller amount than in regular direct forest purchase and, furthermore, experienced professionals take care of all forest management solutions for you.

OP-Rental Yield

The fund owns rental apartments and commercial premises in Finland. It also rents out the apartments and commercial premises in its portfolio, and is engaged in construction contracting. Thanks to investing in commercial premises and new construction, the fund offers higher yield potential and diversification benefits compared to pure residential property investment.


Real property funds


It pays to diversify investments also to other asset classes besides real estate funds. If you find selecting suitable investment instruments challenging, consider our Saver’s funds. In Saver's funds, the assets are widely diversified in equities and in fixed-income securities, and investment professionals select the investments for you in such a way that the assets are always invested sensibly according to market conditions.


OP Fund Management Company Ltd manages OP mutual funds.