Corporate account

Compare OP’s corporate accounts and learn more about the alternatives we offer.

By selecting the right accounts, you can enhance your company's operations

A corporate account is designed to enable smooth management of your company's business payment transactions. It allows you to take care of your company's daily finances flexibly using OP eServices, bank connection software, a card and OP Business mobile.

Use your corporate account to receive payments and pay purchase invoices, salaries or wages and e-invoices. You can also request a credit facility to be incorporated into it to balance out your company's payment transaction management if necessary. 

As OP's private customer, you can open a corporate bank account electronically too if you are starting a business as a private trader! 

An account for managing your company's daily finances

A corporate account is an important part of every customer relationship your company engages in. All payment transaction services, cards and other account access instruments needed for managing your company's daily finances can be included in a corporate account.

You can pay invoices in Finland and abroad from the account. You can make payments from the corporate account, for example, using the following:

  • direct payment
  • recurring payments for wages and salaries 
  • OP-Visa Business Card or Business Eurocard 
  • cash management service 
  • your bank’s personal customer service

The OP corporate account is a euro account. If your company needs to manage payment transfers also in other currencies, the best tool for you is our currency account. OP also offers a diverse range of other corporate accounts.

Compare OP’s corporate accounts and learn more about the alternatives we offer

When comparing the features and prices of different accounts for corporations, we recommend you consider the services you need as an entrepreneur and check the total costs arising from each account. The best account for your company is one that offers you, the entrepreneur, all the services you need, while still remaining affordable in terms of total costs. 

OP offers you the following corporate accounts: 

1. Corporate account

Our corporate account is designed to make it easy for companies and entrepreneurs, including self-employed people, to manage their payment transfers.

2. Currency account

Our currency account is designed, for example, for companies that engage in foreign trade using currencies other than the euro. You can direct incoming international currency-denominated payments to the account and pay even large currency amounts from it. With the currency account, your company will be able to trade in different currencies any time you want.

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3. OP Cash Pool Account

OP Cash Pool Account offers your company a comprehensive solution for centralised liquidity management. OP Cash Pool Account is an essential part of a Group’s cash management, in particular, because it pools the income and deposits of different profit centres and subsidiaries all in one corporate account. 

Our one-currency corporate cash pool service supports only one currency, but we also offer a multi-currency cash pool account service. In our multi-currency solution, you can incorporate different foreign-currency corporate accounts into the services. 

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4. Corporate account abroad

OP can open a corporate account for your company in a foreign bank. This may be necessary especially when your company engages in foreign trade and has regular and continuous international payment transfers, or if your company is about to establish a subsidiary abroad.

With a corporate account abroad, your company can easily receive payments to the foreign account from local customers and make payments to local suppliers.

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Is the cheapest corporate account the best corporate account? What determines the price of a company’s account?

The price of a corporate account is based on the features it offers and the services the company needs which are incorporated into it. A corporate account with the cheapest basic costs may turn out surprisingly expensive if you have to pay extra for the additional services you need. 

The price of OP’s corporate account is determined according to the services your company needs. Contact your local OP cooperative bank for more details about the price of a corporate account and the best services for your company. 

  • You can pay invoices from the Corporate Account and collect payments from all over the world to it. For the interest-bearing account, we will agree on the deposit interest rate and the steps after which the rate rises. The interest rate depends on the market interest rate, the amount of deposits and customer relationship.
  • The account's credit facility can balance your company's cash if money is needed suddenly. Account credit facility refers to credit that has been agreed for the Corporate Account in advance. The extent and price of the account credit facility are separately agreed with each customer.
  • Same-day-settlement can also be linked to the account, meaning that money from invoices paid from an OP account will be rapidly available on your Corporate Account.
  • If your business comprises several companies or units, we recommend using OP Cash Pool Account.
  • Account transactions can be monitored and taken to accounting thanks to our versatile bank statement and reference services.
  • The funds and the deposit interest fall within the scope of deposit insurance up to the amount prescribed by law. OP Financial Group member banks are considered as a single bank from the perspective of deposit insurance.

By opening a Corporate Account with Credit Facility your company will gain working capital, which it can use according to need up to the agreed maximum amount, i.e. credit limit.

OP-Visa Business Card is an international payment and ATM card for companies. It brings speed and flexibility to your company's purchases and their processing.

Choose the best alternative for your company's banking and insurance business and monitoring. The choice of the most suitable channel depends on the systems your company uses, the nature of its operations as well as its invoicing volumes and the like.

The account is granted by the OP cooperative bank.