OP Ryhmän Taidesäätiö sr (OP Art Foundation)

OP Ryhmän Taidesäätiö sr (OP Art Foundation) has a collection of Finnish art and highly valued instruments. It is a charitable foundation whose purpose is to promote music and visual arts. Established in 1987, the Foundation continues to foster Finnish culture, which OP Financial Group has done for over hundred years, and to preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.

OP Ryhmän Taidesäätiö sr (OP Art Foundation) promotes Finnish visual arts. It has about 1,500 works of art in its collection comprising an extensive range of pieces representing the Finnish art history. The collection includes paintings, sculptures, graphics and textile art from the mid-1800s until the present day.

The works are displayed on OP's premises to the personnel's and guests' delight. The art collection has been taken into account in OP's Vallila office building designed by architect Aimo Jaaksi (JKMM Architects). The Art Gallery in the building enables hosting temporary exhibitions on our own premises. Works of art from OP Art Foundation's collection are also shown in exhibitions in museums and partners' premises, and they are also lent to theme exhibitions in various museums.

Art Foundation's collection of musical instruments

Since 1987, OP Ryhmän Taidesäätiö sr (The OP Art Foundation) has supported music performance by lending its highly valued musical instruments to young, talented musicians. These instruments have been used in several recordings and their players have won international contests but, first of all, they have provided many young musicians with the opportunity to build up a career enabled by a unique instrument.

The Foundation currently owns nine historical highly valued instruments: five violins, two violas and two cellos. The collection also includes a third cellos, John Terry from 1989.

A group of experts selects the musicians to whom the instruments are lent, based not only on their previous achievements but also ambitious future plans. The lending period averages 3–4 years and the instruments available for lending are usually applied for in October advertised in newspapers and on social media.

Instruments and their holders

OP Ryhmän Taidesäätiö sr
P.O. Box 308
FI-00013 OP, Finland

Executive Officer  
Mirja Laine
Tel. 040 760 9183
email: mirja.laine(a)op.fi

Timo Ritakallio, chairman of the board
Katja Keitaanniemi
Hannakaisa Länsisalmi
Tero Laaksonen
Mari Männistö
Marko Ylönen
Taidesäätiön soitinhaku

OP Ryhmän Taidesäätiön omistamista arvosoittimista on vapautunut hakuun

  • Antonio Stradivarius -viulu (1702)

Hakuaika on 24.10.–4.11.2022.

Lisätietoja antaa asiamies
Mirja Laine, p. 040 760 9183,
OP Vallila, Gebhardinaukio 1,
00510 Helsinki.

Lisätietoja Antonio Stradivarius -viulusta saat tästä.