Short-term fixed income funds

Short-term fixed income funds are a good choice as an investment when you can accept more moderate value gain potential. In practice, you can expect yield that is as much the market interest rate less expenses.

Short-term fixed income funds are a good choice as a temporary investment. As low-risk funds, they are a suitable choice when you want to avoid major value fluctuations of your investments.

Short-term fixed income funds invest in money and bond markets where the value fluctuation of investments is more moderate than in the stock market. Because of this, they are also suitable for a shorter-term investment.

The funds are actively managed according to the market situation, aiming to ensure that the varying yield potential of the different fixed income asset classes and the fund’s fixed income risk are favourable to the investor.

Low-risk option for savings in the account and cash.
Seek a yield for savings in the account, with moderate risk.
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