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How to close an unnecessary account

You can close an unnecessary account by informing us of this in an online message. To send an online message, log into op.fi. Please indicate in the message the account number of the account to be closed and the account number of the account to which any remaining funds will be transferred.

If a card and/or an eServices Agreement has been linked to your account, please state that you also want us to close your card and OP eServices or to transfer these services to another account. If you wish to transfer the services to another account, specify the number of the account that the card and/or eServices Agreement will be linked with. Also specify the number of the account to be closed, the last four digits of your card and the number of the account to which the remaining funds will be transferred.

Please note that it is not possible to close an account if there are any pending or unconfirmed payments or e-invoices. There also must be enough funds in the account to cover service charges. If the account to be closed is a joint account, we need a request for closing the account from all account holders.

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How to add or remove access rights to your account

You can grant access rights to your account to another person by sending us an online message.

Please indicate the following information in the online message

  • number of the account to which the access rights will be added
  • name and personal ID of the person to be authorised.
  • scope of the access rights: authorised to use the account at an OP bank branch alone or both at an OP bank branch and OP eServices.

If the holder of the access rights is not yet OP’s customer, the authorised person must visit a bank branch to activate the access rights.

You can remove another person’s access rights to your account by sending us an online message. Please indicate in this online message your account number and the name of the person whose access rights will be removed.

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How to order or print a bank statement/receipt

Authorities often need receipts or bank statements for certain account transactions for the purposes of taxation, for example.


You can browse your account transactions for the past 24 months free of charge in Transactions Feed. You can also easily print the receipt you need. Just click the relevant transaction and select Toiminnot > Avaa kuitti (Functions > Open receipt). To search transactions by the recipient’s name, click Etsi tapahtumia (Search transactions).

Bank statements

To print a bank statement on OP eServices, go to Päivittäiset raha-asiat > Tiliote (Daily banking > Bank statement). You can print the bank statement on OP eServices by selecting first a specific period (1 day – 1 year). When you have selected the period, you can download the bank statement to your computer or open it in a new window.

Online bank statements are available on OP eServices free of charge for the past six years. If you need older bank statements or receipts or if you want them to be printed at a bank branch, we can deliver those to you at your request. This service is subject to a charge based on the list of service charges and fees. You can request the bank statement or receipt in an online message. Select as the message subject Tilit ja maksut > Kuittien ja tiliotteiden tilaus esimerkiksi verotusta varten (Accounts and payments > Ordering receipts and bank statements for example for taxation purposes). Please note that bank statements older than 10 years cannot be retrieved.

Online bank statements open into a pop-up window. To open them, you must allow pop-up windows in your browser.

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This is how preauthorisations work

Preauthorisations ensure that your account has enough money for paying your purchases. The seller puts a hold on the purchase amount on your card as a preauthorisation before the actual payment transaction takes place. Note that even though the preauthorisation is not a payment transaction you cannot use the funds put on hold. The preauthorisation is removed when the money is debited.

You can monitor the preauthorisations in Transactions Feed, where you will see any preauthorisations and check their contents. Click on the word katevaraus (preauthorisation) to see more details of the purchase events that make up the preauthorisation.

How to order an account balance or interest certificate

The account’s balance certificate shows the current day’s balance at the moment of query, in the case of death the balance on the date of death and in the case of a distribution the balance on the date of distribution. You may need a balance certificate for the distribution of an estate, pledging or for other cases where your wealth has to demonstrated. You can check the account’s current balance free of charge on OP eServices.

The account’s interest certificate shows the deposit interests that have accrued on the account by the said date but which have not yet been paid to the account. You can check the paid interests yourself on OP eServices or from a copy of bill.

The most convenient way to order a balance and interest certificate is by an online message. Please indicate in the online message the account number and the date for which the certificate is needed. Note that ordering the account’s balance and interest statement is subject to a charge.

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