K-Plussa Maksuaika

K-Plussa Maksuaika is a flexible charge and credit card and the most rewarding Plussa card all in one.


  • The most rewarding Plussa card

    Pay — and earn the best Plussa benefits — with a single card. By paying for your purchases with the K-Plussa Maksuaika card, you’ll earn Plussa points faster at all K Group stores.

  • Charge and credit card with no annual charge

    You get an average 35-day interest-free billing period without costs for your purchases. The card has no monthly or annual charges, and any bank's customers can apply for it.

  • Product Protection Insurance covers your purchases for 365 days

    Product Protection Insurance covers your purchases against breakage or theft. The insurance is included with K-Plussa Maksuaika cards. In other words, you won’t need to buy separate insurance for new items, such as phones. The insurance is valid for 365 days..

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You’ll find more information on the card and its benefits on the plussamaksuaika.fi website. You can also apply for the card or raise your card’s credit limit on the website.

How much does the card cost?

  • A K-Plussa Maksuaika has no monthly charge. 
  • The interest rate is the 3-month Euribor + 10.95 percentage points if the credit has debt with interest.
  • The monthly account service charge is 5.00 euros if the credit has debt with interest.

The effective interest rate calculated for used credit of 1,500 euros is 21.64 % (04/2024). This calculation is based on the assumption that the card’s monthly charge is 0.00 euros and the monthly account service charge 5.00 euros, that the credit interest rate, fees and charges remain constant throughout the credit period, and the credit is repaid in 12 identical monthly instalments. The estimated total amount payable is 1 657,77 euros.

Add your card to Google Pay. It is a payment app that lets you make payments in stores, online and in apps with just your smartphone. You don’t need your card or card details at the time of payment.

With Google Pay you can make contactless payments, even above 50 euros.

To use Plussa benefits, show the payment reader your Plussa-mobiilikortti app on your phone, your Plussa card or your OP payment card with the Plussa feature, before you pay. If you have the K-Plussa Maksuaika card, the only way to get the special payment advantage related to it is to pay with the physical K-Plussa Maksuaika card.

You can set up Google Pay if you have a personal customer’s OP's credentials. Note that you need to be at least 16 years old to use Google Pay.

Read more about Google Pay >

Credit Card Terms & Conditions (pdf)

General Terms and Conditions for Payment Cards (pdf)

The card is issued by OP Retail Customers Plc which also acts as the policyholder of insurance products Product Protection Insurance included in the card. Product Protection Insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC. 


We use automated decision-making in loan decisions. Read more on the processing of personal data

The card is granted by OP Retail Customers Plc.